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Your child’s first visit to the dentist

You are their mom, therefore you definitely know the moment when their first tooth popped in. Seeing your baby’s first smile is one of the most beautiful moments in your life as a mother, but once their teeth start growing, you should know that your range of responsibilities expands. You will have to prepare them for the moment when they will have to see a dentist, because the best way to keep their grin on their face is to have their teeth checked regularly. The Academy of Paediatric…


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Designing a new-born baby room – ideas, tips and tricks

A nursery shouldn’t be a financial nightmare, although you have to buy plenty of things for your little one so to make them comfortable when they arrive in this world. Expecting a baby may be a dreamy period when you imagine how your baby will look like, how you will play together and what relationship you will have, but on the…


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Organizing A Community Event to Celebrate Mother’s Day- The Checklist

Being a mother is probably the best job a woman can have in this world due to the immense happiness and fulfilling feeling which being a parent implies. Everybody looks at moms with admiration and no one understands how they can manage to do so many things in just one day from balancing their successful careers with good parenting of their children,…


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How to teach your children to keep a clean environment

Even though it’s not that obvious in many people’s opinion, climate change, pollution and cleanliness in general are very big issues for our planet. It’s a slow process, but the devastating effects are visible if you search for statistics (on an alarming rate for the past few years) and Earth is definitely degrading because all the junk we, humans, produce and the poor choices we make in our everyday lives regarding our trash.…


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6 creative hacks to transform your kids room into a fun space

Your kid’s room is a space where they can play, dream and relax and - most importantly - it’s their space to have fun. There are some easy ways you can help to make your child’s room an exciting space for them. Consider these creative hacks if you want to…

5 Ways to Fund Your Retirement

Whether you plan to work until you’re eligible to receive your full social security benefits…






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