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Mistakes moms make when choosing a summer camp for their kids

As a mom you may be overwhelmed when you have to choose a camp for your children, because there are numerous options available. But this decision should not be a stressful one, because you are the one who knows your kids the best, and you will definitely make the right choice. The fact is that for many moms summer vacation presents a dilemma, because you want your children to get involved in activities that will help them sharpen their skills. But you also want to make sure that they…


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Life as a single mom – can you afford whatever you want?

Being a single mom is definitely not an easy job. You have a tremendous number of responsibilities that you cannot neglect at any cost. Single moms don’t get breaks, and the whole situation can become very tiring at times. It is important to know that, in such moments, the way you think is going to change your perception on life. Everything that you possess in life,…


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Finding joy in movement: motivate your child to stay active

Some parents have to deal with energetic, intense and persistent children who can instantly go from calm and appropriate behaviors to annoying tantrums. Their mood swings so rapidly that you barely have the time to process the entire situation and react accordingly. One second, their innocent laughter mesmerizes you and the other second, you see them with tears rolling down their face and arms crossed hating everything in their close proximity. In such cases, even though parents understand…


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The way to becoming a happier and less stressed mom is a short one

You may become jealous of your friends that have the necessary time to read several books per month, who don’t feel overwhelmed by their lives and decisions. However, learning to take care of yourself, regardless of how overwhelming and unpredictable life as a busy mother might be, will contribute to the levels of satisfaction experienced. There are some simple strategies that will help you become a happier, relaxed mother and send the same good vibes to everyone around you. Below are…


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6 creative hacks to transform your kids room into a fun space

Your kid’s room is a space where they can play, dream and relax and - most importantly - it’s their space to have fun. There are some easy ways you can help to make your child’s room an exciting space for them. Consider these creative hacks if you want to…

5 Ways to Fund Your Retirement

Whether you plan to work until you’re eligible to receive your full social security benefits…






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