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The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we all want our children to be geniuses when they grow up. It’s only natural, the urge to want our children to be successful in all aspects of life only means we want to protect them. To have them be better able to protect themselves from a world that at moments can be…

How to Change a Home Air Filter

One of the quickest…


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Cynthia Madison's Blog – July 2018 Archive (3)

Time management: scheduling strategies for busy working mothers

As a parent, you have to fulfill numerous responsibilities and obligations like making tough decisions, ensuring the proper development of your child, teaching morals and values, setting some limits, providing a safe environment, developing mutual respect and getting involved in the little one’s education. However, parenting comes with great rewards as well. For…


Added by Cynthia Madison on July 31, 2018 at 11:00am — No Comments

Surviving home renovation as a working mother – all the details included

Are you a working mother who has a ton of responsibilities to handle? If your answer was yes, then you might be scared to death of a home renovation in the middle of all this hassle. When having kids, finding time for other activities other than the ones that include paying attention to your children and taking care of them is quite difficult. Some mothers find home…


Added by Cynthia Madison on July 31, 2018 at 3:00am — No Comments

Helping Your Child Overcome Speech Impediments – Expert Advice

Speech and communication are two major variables of child development. A child with speech and communication delays is very likely to have other developmental delays in their life. While in some cases, the matter is a simpler one, consisting in sound substitutions, certain delays of this kind might refer to more complex matters. Some severe cases of speech delays are more complex; sometimes, children are unable to understand language and the motor process of it. In some cases,…


Added by Cynthia Madison on July 13, 2018 at 10:21am — 1 Comment

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