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Picture your Christmas dinner on top - read this and make it so

Planning a Christmas dinner is a pretty complicated thing because there are so many things you need to take into account that you might have to make up a list to keep up with everything.  If you start planning everything that needs to be planned early enough, you may have the pleasant surprise to transform this task in a pleasurable one. You should think of organizing the Christmas dinner as something entirely relaxing, given the fact that it is a huge opportunity to gather family and…


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How to travel with your kids as a single mom

One of the activities that you should include on your “to do list” is travelling with your little ones. Even if you are a single mom, experts say that it is highly recommended to take your time and invite your kids to join you for a family trip. But, if you have not done this thing before, it is normal to feel nervous or confused. However, here are some important considerations and tips that may help a lot. But, first of all, let’s see why family counselors advise you to travel with your…


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Sharing On Social Media Made Easy For Moms

Being a mom blogger you are creating valuable content to share with other moms or anyone interested in your topics. But however good your content is, you always need to promote every piece of your content as much as possible to ensure a consistent stream of readers on your blog. This means to create as many touch-points as possible to share your content with your target audience. Joining the mom bloggers community is one way to share your content with your fellow bloggers. Sharing your…


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Scrap metal in your household – recycle and make money

Recycling household items represents a beneficial and fulfilling action not only for the homeowners, but also for the environment. Green actions are not only praise-worthy but they can also bring you money, which may be a strong motivation for some people in need. However, they seem to pay more attention to plastic, glass and paper items and neglect metal scraps, which is a mistake because instead of tossing aside iron, aluminum, steel, copper and brass, they can benefit from their value.…


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How can women make some extra money after they get divorced?

The feeling of breaking up with someone can hardly be described by using some simple words. At the end of each day, there is always that annoying question: how do you really feel? Is this huge change something that scares you most? Can you take care of everything by your own or do need the help of the experts?

On the other hand, despite all the suffering and pain of losing someone that you used to share your home and life with, there is also a thing that you should bear in mind: how…


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