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Is A Nanny Better Than Daycare?

If you seek answers to this question from only parenting forums or even family, the answers and feedback you receive will leave you more confused than you were before you asked the question. But the truth is that choosing between a nanny and a daycare doesn’t have to be that confusing. All you need is an understanding…

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Cynthia Madison's Blog – November 2018 Archive (4)

Renovating your home before your baby arrives – here’s how

The moment when you realize that you are going to become a mother is definitely one of the best feelings in the world because you know that the family which you have created together with your partner is going to become a whole. From the moment in which your baby will arrive, you are going to have a little human whom you are going to love, protect,…


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Relocating After Divorce? Here’s How to Choose Your New Home

Divorce is not something worthy of celebration, at least in most cases. After a divorce, you will have to start a new life in a new way, and this can be emotionally draining, especially since many divorced individuals never planned for such an experience. After a divorce,…


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Mom's guide: traveling together with a newborn

Traveling is definitely an amazing experience because you get the opportunity to explore amazing new places, gain new knowledge about other cultures, religions, and societies, and you also get the chance to meet new people with whom you can create numerous amazing memories which you are going to remember forever. However, when it comes to traveling together with your child, especially with a newborn, you need to be aware that it requires you to do a more careful planning of the trip.…


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Buying A Home - Considerations Mothers Should Have When Viewing Properties

Before, the trend among mothers looking for houses was that they’d be more concerned about the neighborhood schools, shopping stores, the walking distance to them, and the layout of the house they would be occupying.

But things are beginning to change, according to Jeff Martel, an agent based in Boise, Idaho. A decade ago, families prioritized…


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