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Things you should keep in mind when attending a wedding with your kids

Weddings are incredibly fun events which celebrate the union of two people who have decided that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Weddings are great celebrations of love which announce the formation of a new family. Attending a wedding is surely an exciting event where you can have fun while celebrating together with the bride and groom their love. However, when you are a parent, attending a large-scale event such as a wedding might sound like a real challenge. Apart from…


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German Kitchen Design Ideas and Companies

Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, there’s no wonder why so much attention is attributed to decorating this room. All mothers want to prepare the best meals for their families, and doing it in a warm, cosy ambiance is definitely…


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Chores You Can Outsource To Spend More Time with Kids

You just cannot do everything by yourself; there are some things you will just have to outsource. Even if you are a DIY person, there are certain things that are better outsourced than doing them by yourself. Outsourcing certain tasks will give you more time to yourself and help you to focus on some other very important aspects of your life. If you are the ever busy type that has to spend most times at your workplace, you may have no choice than to…


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Best Gifts You Can Buy Your Mother-In-Law for Christmas

Several people should be included in your list of those who deserves gifts for Christmas. Your kids should be on that list, same for your wife or husband.  What about close family members? They too should never be left out of the list, as well as your friends and beloved neighbors. While buying gifts for these individuals, you should never forget about your mother-in-law. You may not like the sound of it, but…


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10 things you should know about living in a glass house

“Those who live a in a glass house should not throw stones,” so goes the saying. But is this the only thing to bear in mind when living in a glass house? Not at all; there are several other things you must consider and some of these things will be discussed in the course of this write-up. Homes made of glass can be beautiful and impressive. Glass materials can change the appearance of the home to an…


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When you go back to your tech job as a new mom

Approximately 20 percent of women work in the tech industry. If we were to take a close look at the data brought by virtual event solutions companies, we were to discover that female employees hold less than 20 percent of US tech jobs. The tech industry continues to be a man’s world. It is a mystery why there are not more women in tech. Women achieve better grades than boys when they pursue computer science…


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6 creative hacks to transform your kids room into a fun space

Your kid’s room is a space where they can play, dream and relax and - most importantly - it’s their space to have fun. There are some easy ways you can help to make your child’s room an exciting space for them. Consider these creative hacks if you want to…

5 Ways to Fund Your Retirement

Whether you plan to work until you’re eligible to receive your full social security benefits…






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