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Single mom income: Ways to make extra money

Thriving isn’t always possible when you’re living on just one income. It costs a lot to raise a kid. There are various expenses to handle, such as food, transportation, clothing, health care, housing, and so on and so forth. If you’re a parent going at it alone, you must surely have a hard time. You’re the one responsible for making sure the needs of…


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How to renovate the home when the kids are around

Going through a home renovation isn’t easy. Remodelling involves a lot of planning, not to mention that you’re likely to experience many surprises along the way. You might not find enough craftsmen to cover all aspects of the project. They’re busy with new home constructions and, needless to say, other renovation projects. Most importantly, you need…


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Flexible business ideas for stay-at-home moms

Staying at home with your children is something all mothers want, but sometimes they cannot afford to do it. Some mothers think that they have to make a compromise to spend more time with their children. But it doesn’t have to be your case, you can do it both. If your job doesn’t offer you the possibility to work from home, you can…


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Buying a house as a single, low-income mother – is it possible?

Having a day job is tiring enough without adding any responsibilities to it. As a single mother, you have to work a 9-to-5 job while also taking care of the needs of your child. This means that starting a business becomes physically impossible. Side hustles are the better idea for single moms that also need some time to breathe. Finding some…


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Best Activities to Bond a Tighter Relationship with Your Child

Very soon, it will be Mother’s Day. This is time when many mothers will eb treated like royalty. There is no denying that they do not deserve it. Moms are treated with breakfast in bed, a bunch of roses, and perhaps time for pampering. What about dads? On their special day, they can expect to have fun with the kids. Basically, they can expect to feel like a million bucks. Good family relationships are what help kids stay healthy and happy. You should not wait for a special occasion to…


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Safe driving tips for moms

Safety should be the priority of any driver, but when you have small children in your vehicle on a regular basis, driving safely becomes an even more critical responsibility. Incidents can often occur on the road, and these cannot always be predicted or prevented, but it’s always best if you take a few extra measures of prevention and adopt the right driving practices. While the subject is vast and complex, a…


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How to transform cooking in a pleasurable activity instead of a responsibility

There are people who enjoy cooking tremendously and there are others who simply don’t find it relaxing or enjoyable at all. If you find yourself in the latter situation and you cook simply because you have to feed your family and yourself, then you definitely should read this article which is all about transforming cooking in something fun instead of a chore that consumes some of your time and energy. Cooking can be fun even after a long day at work when all you want to do is get home and do…


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Advertising Methods that Moms can Use to Market Their Home Businesses

Growing a home-based business is no easy task and marketing seems to be one of the main determinants here. This is one of the main reasons why moms with home-based businesses fail during the incipient phases of their journeys. They are clueless when it comes to effective…


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Your child’s first visit to the dentist

You are their mom, therefore you definitely know the moment when their first tooth popped in. Seeing your baby’s first smile is one of the most beautiful moments in your life as a mother, but once their teeth start growing, you should know that your range of responsibilities expands. You will have to prepare them for the moment when they will have to see a dentist, because the best way to keep their grin on their face is to have their teeth checked regularly. The Academy of Paediatric…


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Designing a new-born baby room – ideas, tips and tricks

A nursery shouldn’t be a financial nightmare, although you have to buy plenty of things for your little one so to make them comfortable when they arrive in this world. Expecting a baby may be a dreamy period when you imagine how your baby will look like, how you will play together and what relationship you will have, but on the…


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Organizing A Community Event to Celebrate Mother’s Day- The Checklist

Being a mother is probably the best job a woman can have in this world due to the immense happiness and fulfilling feeling which being a parent implies. Everybody looks at moms with admiration and no one understands how they can manage to do so many things in just one day from balancing their successful careers with good parenting of their children,…


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How to teach your children to keep a clean environment

Even though it’s not that obvious in many people’s opinion, climate change, pollution and cleanliness in general are very big issues for our planet. It’s a slow process, but the devastating effects are visible if you search for statistics (on an alarming rate for the past few years) and Earth is definitely degrading because all the junk we, humans, produce and the poor choices we make in our everyday lives regarding our trash.…


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Things you should keep in mind when attending a wedding with your kids

Weddings are incredibly fun events which celebrate the union of two people who have decided that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Weddings are great celebrations of love which announce the formation of a new family. Attending a wedding is surely an exciting event where you can have fun while celebrating together with the bride and groom their love. However, when you are a parent, attending a large-scale event such as a wedding might sound like a real challenge. Apart from…


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German Kitchen Design Ideas and Companies

Since so much time is spent in the kitchen, there’s no wonder why so much attention is attributed to decorating this room. All mothers want to prepare the best meals for their families, and doing it in a warm, cosy ambiance is definitely…


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Chores You Can Outsource To Spend More Time with Kids

You just cannot do everything by yourself; there are some things you will just have to outsource. Even if you are a DIY person, there are certain things that are better outsourced than doing them by yourself. Outsourcing certain tasks will give you more time to yourself and help you to focus on some other very important aspects of your life. If you are the ever busy type that has to spend most times at your workplace, you may have no choice than to…


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Best Gifts You Can Buy Your Mother-In-Law for Christmas

Several people should be included in your list of those who deserves gifts for Christmas. Your kids should be on that list, same for your wife or husband.  What about close family members? They too should never be left out of the list, as well as your friends and beloved neighbors. While buying gifts for these individuals, you should never forget about your mother-in-law. You may not like the sound of it, but…


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10 things you should know about living in a glass house

“Those who live a in a glass house should not throw stones,” so goes the saying. But is this the only thing to bear in mind when living in a glass house? Not at all; there are several other things you must consider and some of these things will be discussed in the course of this write-up. Homes made of glass can be beautiful and impressive. Glass materials can change the appearance of the home to an…


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When you go back to your tech job as a new mom

Approximately 20 percent of women work in the tech industry. If we were to take a close look at the data brought by virtual event solutions companies, we were to discover that female employees hold less than 20 percent of US tech jobs. The tech industry continues to be a man’s world. It is a mystery why there are not more women in tech. Women achieve better grades than boys when they pursue computer science…


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Renovating your home before your baby arrives – here’s how

The moment when you realize that you are going to become a mother is definitely one of the best feelings in the world because you know that the family which you have created together with your partner is going to become a whole. From the moment in which your baby will arrive, you are going to have a little human whom you are going to love, protect,…


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Relocating After Divorce? Here’s How to Choose Your New Home

Divorce is not something worthy of celebration, at least in most cases. After a divorce, you will have to start a new life in a new way, and this can be emotionally draining, especially since many divorced individuals never planned for such an experience. After a divorce,…


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