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The risks we take

Sometimes I wish I could see the world through my son's eyes. For example, when we go to the large outlet shops near our home, he loves climbing/jumping/skipping around all the low walls, divided areas and various colored concrete sidewalk squares. Does he see that place as one big game level? If he gets a high enough score, will Mom get him a soft pretzel? (Hint: We always get the soft pretzels.)…


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Beyond Monopoly and Clue

Some of the best fun my family has is when we are playing a game together. It doesn't matter if it is a round or two of UNO while we wait for dinner to arrive in a restaurant or if it is a full hour of 5-Minute Dungeon on a Saturday afternoon. We love to play games.…


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The building blocks for math

Whenever I take my son to a science center for the day, he usually spends some time with building blocks. Science centers always seem to have them - either the wooden ones in unique shapes you have never seen before, or those giant foam ones.…


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The myth of the permanent record

When I was a little girl, I was a very good student. I didn't give too many teachers trouble, and I earned decent grades. I made sure that the nuns were happy with me because I didn't want any bad notes on my permanent record.…


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The fears we drill into our kids

When I was in high school, we had bomb threats. We would hear an alarm and head outside to a distance that didn't seem very far away from the school, and wait. Some of the teachers would still try to teach; others would sit in the grass with the rest of us and remind students to not wander off. There was no chaos to run out of the building; there was no sense of fear.…


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Parents not sleeping in

Several of my friends have been talking about a recent study that clocked a parental sleep deprivation of six years after having a baby. They talked about how the study makes so much sense because they feel like they are never rested.…


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What am I allowed to share about you?

I usually work on my blog in the mornings, when my son is first awake and supposed to get ready for school. Sometimes he wanders into the office and asks what I am writing about. I always let him read it.

He knows that I don't use his name, he knows that I don't post embarrassing stories about him and he…


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Being intentionally difficult

I often joke about what my son will be like when he is a teenager. And, because I watched a lot of teen movies in my youth, I have lots of teenage stereotypes to draw from. I tend to land on the brooding, emo kid archetype - the one who doesn't want to talk to his parents or leave his room.…


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The sleep we all need

Our son's school recently announced a change to its bell schedule for the next school year. Instead of starting at 9:15 am (which admittedly is a late start), they will be starting at 7:15 am.

I cannot overstate the push back this news received in my household.…


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Deleting a few apps from my phone

I like doing regular purges of the stuff in our home to ensure that we are in control of our things. I am fortunate that my family members are supportive of this, and they regularly help clear out items that could have a second life with someone else.…


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The class of 2037 is sparse

One thought that hits me right before I fall asleep at night is that my son (my baby!) will be 18 years old in less than a decade. He's told me about his plans for college and moving out and while I am delighted he is thinking about being a fully functioning adult, the thought that my baby will be on his own in the world one day makes it hard to sleep some nights.…


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Another reason to play board games

When my son gets bored he has a list of items he generated to look at that will hopefully inspire him to find an activity. I recently figured out that I needed a similar list for when I have that random free hour on a weekend, and am not quite sure what to do with myself.…


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Keeping a close enough proximity

My son wakes up on a Saturday and walks into my office to give me a morning hug. He finds me reading on the couch and tells me not to move. He runs off, grabs a book, returns and settles on the other end of the couch, stealing most of my blanket. He tells me he loves it when we read together.

I love it,…


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Rewarding exercise behaviors

We recently got a treadmill in our home. I used to run in the mornings before my family was awake, but it became a constant battle against weather and darkness and I almost got run down by a deer. (Yes, really.) I lost my motivation.…


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Dealing with procrastination early

The next few months are a really busy time for my son - he has several projects he is working on for school. While he will get some class time to work on them, there is going to be a significant portion of the work done at home.…


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The tone that your baby likes to hear

My husband and I talked to our son a lot when he was a baby. (For the record, we talk to him a lot now, too, but we are not sure he is always listening.) We talked in a slightly higher-pitched tone, with big smiles on our faces and short sentences. He liked it then (but probably doesn't now.)…


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Rock-a-bye Mommy

When my son was a baby, my husband and I didn't purchase a swing. We thought that we wouldn't need it, and we were very, very wrong. The daycare folks told us to look into it, since he enjoyed the swings there so much. He loved the one we got him at home, and we noticed that he slept better after a good bit of rocking in it.…


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The second child that stresses you out

It is Saturday morning. My son is riding his hoverboard around the living room, listening to an upbeat song that is echoing throughout the house. He is running up and down the stairs on all fours, sounding like a small herd of elephants. He is pretending that an alien army is invading the LEGO city he built. He is having fun on his day off.…


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What did you decide today?

Our lives are made up of decisions: What to wear that day, which way to take to get to work, what to have for lunch, which people to talk to, how to react to the dinner someone made for us. Lots and lots of decisions. A lot of these we don't think about too much. For example, I am pretty easy going when it comes to lunch decisions - I will find something to eat at whatever place someone else chooses, so I tend to let the person who is…


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The infrastructure chores

Like all parents, my husband and I want our son to be able to take care of himself when he leaves the nest one day. So, we teach him how to do chores. These include everyday tasks (like putting his own dishes in the sink) to weekly work (like cleaning the floors) to quarterly tasks (like purging unwanted items from the house). We want to make sure we expose him to the way the household works.…


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