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Fewer siblings to go around

Some friends of ours came over to the house and brought their children. My son was elated to have two kids to play with for the evening - even though they were a few years younger than him. At the end of the night, I asked him how it went.…


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Adapting our use of screen time

It's the weekend, and my son asks if he can watch T.V.

I pause.…


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The battle over milk in schools

While at the grocery store with my son one week, I asked him what his friends at school drank at lunch (for those who brought their lunches). He said that most of them drink Gatorade or other sports drinks. A few of them - like him - drank juice or milk.…


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The food that we share

As my son has gotten older, I've tried to give him more opportunities to serve himself food. This is for a couple of reasons. One is so that he learns more about portions and has a better idea of how much food to take without wasting any. Another reason is so that he understands that it is not my job to serve him food. But, I read an article the other day that gives my list another reason:…


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Would you trust your phone to detect your mood?

Sometimes my son tells me he is fine when he is clearly not fine. I know that to be true, because right after he tells me he is fine, he stomps up the stairs, and slams the door to his room.

We all do this - not necessarily the stomping part, but the claiming an emotion we are not actually feeling. And…


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A new year means new lists

It is not a secret that I like making lists. This is doubly so at the start of a new year. It may feel like an arbitrary date to some, but for me a new year feels like a good point to start something new. So, I make lists: Lists of what I want to do over the year or major goals to accomplish or things that I learned from this holiday that I…


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How did you play when you were little?

I remember being my son's age. I remember where we lived, and all about our school and who my friends were. What I am having trouble remembering is how I used to play.…


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Keeping our pictures private

My son has recently discovered how wonderful our family photo albums are.

Side note: I spend a lot of time scrapbooking our family photos, so I am ridiculously pleased that he has started appreciating them.…


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Thinking about those school visits

My son has been really enjoying his holiday time off - we took a trip, he has had family visit and we are about to visit more family in the days to come. He's had nothing but fun and time with the people he loves.

I reminded him last night that he will need to go back to school eventually, so if there is…


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The gifts that they will forget

Yesterday was an explosion of wrapping paper and joy. Family and fun. Food and more food. As I tucked my son into bed last night, I asked him if he had had a good Christmas. He declared it to be the best Christmas ever. …


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I want to believe

Last year, when my son was seven, he told me that he had figured out that the Santa thing wasn't real. He gave me some story that he and his friends at school had worked out - Santa couldn't be real, because all the parents leave the house on Christmas Eve after children go to bed to go buy presents.…


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A little help with lunch

I usually pack my son's school lunch while he is brushing his teeth. I never really planned out this timing - it's just how the morning schedule seemed to develop. Because of this, my son usually doesn't find out what is in his lunch until he is in the school cafeteria, ready to eat.…


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Someone you can laugh with

I've been showing my son the scrapbooks that I've put together over the years as a way to make his memories stronger and as a way to teach him our family's history. I love watching him point out the events that he does remember or when he points to a picture of my husband and I from before he was born and asks where he was.…


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Unplugging from our screens

I am enjoying the new feature on my phone that tells me how much I've used it that week. I like to see it go down, and it makes me think through my actions over the course of a week when it goes up (did I play too many games? was this the week I started a group text with my team?)…


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Are your children moving enough?

I really like my son's doctor. She has known him since he was only a few days old, and she has watched him grow up. In all the times that we have seen her, she has taken the time to answer all my questions (and allay my new-mom fears). Now that he is older, I've noticed that she has taken some extra time to answer my son's questions.…


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Strengthening communication with schools

I get a lot of communications from my son's school. This includes everything from text messages and emails to printed notes and online flyers. I try to read through everything that comes in and ensure that I am not missing anything major. Sometimes this is difficult, as the school sends multiple messages out each week.…


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What our children worry about

I am always surprised when my son is paying attention to the money that we spend as a family. For example, we recently bought an inflatable for our holiday decorations, and he was upset over the amount of money we were spending on it - at least until I explained to him that the price of the inflatable was spread out over several years and led to our overall enjoyment. After that math breakdown, he relaxed a bit.…


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Another list of things we should be doing

If you open any parenting-based magazine, you will quickly come across a list article. And, undoubtedly, the list article will be of things you should be doing as a parent, but you probably aren't.

These types of articles used to get me down and make me feel like I wasn't holding up my end of the…


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When your birthday really matters

I have a birthday in June.

When I was little, this meant that I could stay up as late as I wanted on my birthday or celebrate it with a slumber party on the day of my birthday without having to wait until the weekend. But I was sometimes unhappy that I had a birthday outside of the school's calendar: I…


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A time for giving

We've spent the last two weekends decorating for Christmas. I have been enjoying the process of expanding our Christmas decorations this year, and I love the way our home has turned out. I have even noticed (just as science told me) that decorating for the holiday puts me in an overall cheerier mood than usual. I hope that…


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