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Whole Grain Pumpkin Penne

Whole Grain Pumpkin Penne Pasta combines two of my favorite healthy flavors...pumpkin and whole grains.  Comfort food at it's best, flavorful and healthy too. Fall has arrived and the leaves are turning.  The nights are cool and call for a cozy night in front of the fire with a blow of Whole Grain Pumpkin Penne.…


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The Pioneer Woman Blog Goes Low Fat

The Pioneer Woman Blog, written by Ree Drummond, is my all time favorite blog.  She is possibly the sole person who inspired me to write my blog.  The Pioneer Woman blog is delightful and beautiful and humorous and delicious (but not low fat ).  Further, Ree Drummond is an author of several different books including a 2 cookbooks…


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A Cook Book Review: Jamie's Food Revolution

I have a LOAD of cookbooks.  I love to cook, I think it is fun.  Typically I find a few recipes in each cook book that I like and the others don't really interest me too much.  Not so with Jamie's Food Revolution: Rediscover How to Cook Simple, Delicious, Affordable Meals .…


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Shining A Light On Testicular Cancer

 This week is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week.  I realize Testicular Cancer is not on your favorite topic list to learn about.  However, if you are a boy or a man.... or a mother/sister/grandmother/wife to a boy or a man... and you love them....then,  I encourage you to both learn about this topic and teach them about it as well.   Let's shine a little light on this topic!…


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Should You Be Eating Gluten Free?

"Gluten Free" is the current health buzz word.   It is a craze.  You find gluten free products on every shelf, gluten free menus, gluten free websites etc, etc, etc.   Given the amount of attention Gluten Free everything is getting it does make sense that we ask ourselves "Can this help me?"  "Is this a healthier way to live?" "Should I be on a…


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Photoshop Shortcut Tool

Adobe Photoshop is a magnificent tool.  However, I have been known for having a passionate love hate romance with it.  The learning curve is, well, steep.  I am neither a professional photographer, nor a graphic designer.  So, for the lay person, learning Photoshop can…


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My Heroes: A Cancer Story

For many years I worked in oncology nursing in the hospital setting.  I consider that time the most difficult of my career, yet the most rewarding.  I consider it an absolute privilege to have worked with patients suffering from cancer.  They did suffer too.  Most of my patients were very ill.  Most of them died from their disease.  I was there to see many of them die.  They left a mark on me, but not a scar.  They blessed me to the deepest part of my soul with their beauty, their grace, and…


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A Book Review: One Thousand Gifts Gifts by Ann Voskamp


One of my many passions in life is reading.  I have always loved to read, even when I was very young.  The page carries me away to another place in time like no other medium can.  Books make me very happy.  Since I started blogging in October, I have hardly read a book.  I miss it so much and have whined about this phenomenon more than once. There is only limited time to have fun, you know.


Well last week I went to a women’s retreat with my church.  I won a…


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Fish Oild Versus Flax Seed

Fish Oil Versus Flax Seed Oil The health benefits of incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids into our diet is nothing new.  We have learned from other cultures that these fats are healthy.  Some of these cultures such as the Inuit in Greenland eat as much as 40% of their diets in fat.  However, these people have low rates of diabetes, heart disease and degenerative joint disease. The reason for this is their fatty diets are…


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