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Smart Home Features to Make Seniors Comfortable at Home

Do you know that according to the WHO (World Health Organization), life expectancy has dramatically increased during the last century? People (aged 65 and above) are going to outnumber kids (under the age of 14) by the year 2050!

This shift in the age demographics has raised some significant issues related to the…


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7 Books on Self Care for Busy Moms

Were your weekends full of relaxation, hangouts, and self-care before you decided to become a mom? I’m sure that’s the case! But, as a mom now, self-care is an entirely different story. Those recurrent occurrences of indulging in long spa sessions. Or the rejuvenating long showers followed by massaging your favorite creams and lotions. All that now seems like an impossible fantasy vacation!

Your previous laid-back routine doesn’t fit into your new role of a mom and…


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Why Parents Prefer an Independent Education for their Kids

Every family has a different reason to consider independent (private school) education for their kids. But all of them agree that such education has a positive impact on their kids. There are a few layers of bureaucracy, more accountability, emphasis on specialties and academics and more. That’s why parents pay extra attention when they look for independent education opportunities for their kids just like they shop for…


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How can Moms be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is the talk of the world and the major economy of any nation of any household depends on what are they doing for earning. I have loads of companions who are mompreneurs, who battle with regards to association. Being a mother is sufficiently difficult, without the additional weight of maintaining a business too.



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10 Best Apps and Tech Tools for Parents

Does leaving your child unattended for even a few minutes make you uncomfortable? Do you start fearing and hallucinating the most horrible things in the world while you are away to shower? Have you been wishing for some dream product like a multipurpose device by TeamViewer that you can remotely control when away from kids? Well, relax! You are not alone. We all become extra cautious and conscious when it…


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How Moms can Earn Through Digital Marketing in 2019

Its really important that moms can find out activities to keep themselves occupied and away from stress. Single moms also need to earn to have their kids a healthy lifestyle. The Internet is a phenomenon that has brought the world to the comfort of your home. Its easier for females to work by sitting at their laptops, mobiles as from their…


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How Moms can Improve Socializing and Make Extra Money

Did you know that you can use the social aspect of the online platforms to make money? Through these platforms you can also post properties ads for a earning a better livelihood. What better way to start to promote a business than with new cyber friends? The best part is that many of…


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6 Therapies For All Working Moms

In a world where our energy signature becomes stronger than our digital signature, alternative treatments are the newest target of the entire company world. For the vast majority of women leaders, juggling is as good as learning how to balance their energies. More than ever, the abundance of tools and treatments available is a miracle, just like the…


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Any Mom can be a Romance Author!

Donna Tub is a good friend who because a successful romance novel author. One of the interesting things to learn about romance authors is that they are no longer called romance books, they are called “beach reads”. I personally like this new term because it's less smutty. Romance…


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Kids and Technology: 5 Safety Tips for Parents

It has its pros and cons.

Pro- you can connect yourself to literally everyone across the globe.

Con- Your child has pretty much the same access.

Yes, the Internet is both good and bad. Especially with easy access to services like Spectrum Internet, almost everyone has an online presence. And where the adults have to deal…


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Top 7 Ways to Get Skinny Legs

Are you having a problem losing weight? Obesity is prevalent like an epidemic. But there is a little difference between being fat overall and stubborn pounds concentrated on certain areas of the body. It becomes more difficult to cut down the weight that is centered on certain parts of the body. For instance, if your upper body is just right and you…


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The Best Home Remedies to Cure Migraine - Treat Your Migraine at Home

I have suffered from migraines for as far back as I can remember. They start with the experience of a particular sound, or smell, or taste; physical sensation or sight. Yes – all the five senses are fully involved in this health conspiracy! Sometimes, even the presence of a particularly toxic person – who I may not like very much – can sound off the alarm bells inside my head. And before I know it, I find myself down with a searing pain in either one (or both) of my temples – or a…


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8 Easy Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating comprises 90% of the overall healthy lifestyle. Surprised? Well, that's true! It may sound like a cliche, but you are what you eat.

When you start making healthier food choices, you are choosing to improve your health and longevity. The hectic contemporary lifestyles and addiction to technology and fast food have brought their effects on us. The lethargy and poor food choices have brought so many medical conditions. No wonder…


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