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Thanks to my Neighbors, It's Cone Season Again

From It's All Good Until You Burn Dinner

It’s cone season again. And although it sounds really delicious, I’m not talking ice cream cones. I mean the pointy orange kind you often see scattered around construction zones or…


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For teenage boys, wearing sunscreen is soooo not cool...

A few of you out there may have a teenage boy. I personally have a 14 year old boy and am constantly stunned (and puzzled) how his behavior contrasts that of his older sister. I mean, I know there is of course a difference between boys and girls but this to me seems weird: he is embarrassed to wear sunscreen. Is your son/grandson the same way?


My most recent blog post provides a little bit of an overview of his distain for…


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Meet the Family


This week I’m finally going to introduce you to the family. They’re little bit shy but as you can see, I got some excellent photos of them. 

First up is Noah. Noah is my middle-school aged son who is pretty darned smart but his love for school is …well…AWOL. It’s boring to him and I constantly hear things like, “When…


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SOPA in a Nutshell - What Is it?

If you're a blogger, you may need to be especially concerned about SOPA. If you're not sure what it is, check out my post today to find out more and to learn about sites that are participating in today's blackout protest.


Many of you folks have probably heard the buzz in recent…


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...But I Want to Express Myself, Mommy


Should high school kids  be allowed to have any photo of themselves they wish published in their yearbooks?

Yesterday as I was drinking my vat of coffee doing my usual online perusing for news, I ran across this little beauty from the New York Daily News: MORE

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Hit the Red Button! Hit the Red Button!

Today's post covers one of my half-witted adventures in a quest to life life to the fullest.

I’m not a person that’s into New Year’s resolutions. I generally start and stop resolutions throughout the year prompted by nothing in particular and for no apparent reason.…


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Did you get any weird Christmas gifts? I'm sharing mine today!


Christmas Show and Tell

I know you all were on pins and needles waiting for me to share with you some of the marvelous gifts I received for Christmas. There was almost no containing my…


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Run Santa, Run!


My dad' had one unconventional Christmas tradition  -- one I'll never forget!.


Lately, (usually when I’m hopelessly lodged in traffic at the local mall) I’ve been pondering a lot over traditions of Christmas: baking, the tree, Advent wreaths, lights, Santa, gifts. Pretty much…


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Our Plastic Snowman Has an Attitude


Since we moved into this neighborhood a few years ago, we’ve been under an teensy bit of pressure during the Christmas season. We learned that our neighbors like to put up lights. A lot of lights. Like the kind that can be seen from a Russian satellite orbiting the earth.

There’s a little problem with this. Um…unlike the rest of the…


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How Do You Wrap a Tattoo?


My daughter, Stella, and I have had discussions about tattoos and piercings over the years. Nothing in depth, really. I just told her I wasn’t a huge fan of either and I would never voluntarily finance that sort of thing for her.

“Some day you’ll be out looking for a job and it’s going to be very hard to find one if you walk into an interview with three pierced…


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Tis the Season to Look Like a Bad Candy Cane

I did something kind of dumb last week.

Toward the end of the month I will be celebrating my birthday (and I use the term “celebrate” extremely loosely). Anyone that knows me understands that I hate birthdays almost as much as I hate yard work and cooking dinner. Each year my husband asks me, “Soo…what would you like for your birthday this year?” Why he even asks that,…


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Welcome to Orthodontia Land


A couple of days ago, my son and I went to the orthodontist for his consultation. I had decided to forego returning to the orthodontist that treated my daughter because of some issues we’d experienced there (over billing, undertreating, and I really didn’t care for the magazine selection in their waiting room).  Don’t get me wrong. My daughter’s teeth turned out beautifully but I was really not up to supervising “Dr. Smith’s” staff for another 24 months unless he…


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It' Doesn't Matter What it Looks Like



Today's blog post touched on my cheesecake-making woes. If you have any tips or suggestions after reading this, please helllllppppp meeeeeee!


Laura came home from college last Wednesday amid my Thanksgiving Eve baking fiasco (a yearly event). The pumpkin pie passed the family inspection with only a few points docked for…


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Let's Have a Thanksgiving Chat...


Since today is Thanksgiving, I thought it may be a good time to sit down and

have a little chat with you.

(I’m pulling up my chair so don’t go anywhere).

Many of you are heading out or returning from a delicious Thanksgiving

dinner. Awesome! Me too!  If you can find it in your heart today, please

consider “giving thanks” by making a contribution to an…


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Cluck! Cluck! Happy Thanksgiving!

I think I’m in love with Thanksgiving. Seriously, I do. Probably because

somehow since birth, I’ve gotten incredibly lucky and every year I’ve escaped

(sometimes narrowly) the role of playing holiday hostess and have been able to

simply bask in the aroma of someone else’s…


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Life After Burned Waffles


Along with the millions of others who have stumbled upon my blog you may be scratching your head and asking, “What’s with the name, Diane? Why is this thing called ‘It’s All Good – Until You Burn Dinner?’”…


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Cherry, Grape, Orange, Chicken Pox…

I considered myself to be a pretty groovy mom – “up” on all of the hip trends and far out crazes of today’s culture. I can boogie with the best of them and have never passed up a trip to Funky Town. But the other day I ran across a tidbit in the news that had me questioning my conventional coolness MORE

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I Don't Recall Signing Up For This

I recently discovered that my teenage son, Luke, had started a new collection. It wasn’t baseball cards or coins, nor was it bobble heads or even girls’ phone numbers (okay, he may also have that one…I just haven’t discovered it yet). His shiny new collection consisted of a lofty stack of unfinished math assignments that had been tucked deep into the bowels of his backpack –nearly a three weeks worth, untouched except for a few scribbles and doodles he’d…


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