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Whoa, cool, mom!

The Malaysian haze situation is getting completely out of hand. I mean, what use is a kitchen with a view when there's nothing but smoke outside? Spent all that money to cook on top of a stupid (small) hill for nothing. I walk out and I smell burning rubbish and the scent of scorched trees.

Rubbish. I hope something is done fast.

Being more than a lil miffed, I tinkled with this image to express my feelings.

My… Continue

Added by Marsha Maung on July 16, 2009 at 1:21am — No Comments

17 Again (Movie)

There's nothing awfully new to the plot but as cliche as it is, it works....AGAIN.

Mike O'Donell is a strapping young man who was at the top of his game...his life, at 17, playing basketball. He had the future rolling out nicely ahead of him. And then his girlfriend tells him that she's pregnant in the middle of an important game and being a responsible person, he ditches the game and marries her.

Well, not on the same… Continue

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Autralia: The Movie

I love romantic comedies or just comedies. It makes me happy. When I blog more about the movies I watch, you'll see why! :-) So, it's kind of strange by my standards to find me watching something like AUSTRALIA. I mean, AUSTRALIA?

Fine. I'll choke it up. It's Hugh Jackman, awright? Sheesh.....

But I love Nicole Kidman too - so, give me some credit here. It wasn't ENTIRELY a hormone-based decision.

So, I start watching and get enthralled with Jackman on a horse… Continue

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A Conversation I Had With Myself On Villains.

This is how a conversation with myself went....about a villain in one of my little stories. It's interesting how I manage to argue myself out of writing anything bad about ANYBODY in the story. But if I don't, the story would be utterly, positively and irrefutably BORING.

You can't write that! The poor girl is just too nice to be injured like that.

OK, I'll write off the guy who spat the gum on the side of the road then.…


Added by Marsha Maung on June 4, 2009 at 1:38am — No Comments

MOMS Unite

By strict definition, a mom is someone who gave birth to kids, care for them, spend time understanding the ups and downs of growing up, providing food, clothes and shelter for the kids, tend to their homework and listen to the kids' gripes about school work and friends. She is the someone who is a pillar to the kids....and sometimes to the whole brood as well....husband included.

How is it that one person, a woman for that, be given so many tasks. And in this modern world, add… Continue

Added by Marsha Maung on April 13, 2009 at 11:41pm — No Comments

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