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Next chapter in my life

I have now been at my job for six months and still a temp. They have turned me down for two open positions that I have experience in and have been for these last six months helping with the customer accounts so I know what all goes on. They have told me that my position is a permanent temp position and that I will not be hired in full time. So now, time to plan the next chapter of my life. Time to plan my next step. 

The more I think about what I need to do the more I realize that the…


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Permanent Temp

A few years ago, I worked a job where I started as a temp and spent two and a half years as a temp and when I started pushing the issue about getting hired in full time, they fired me. I did anything they asked me to. I worked overtime and weekends when that was not what I was told were my hours. I was brought in to do data entry but they had me doing many other things but never changed my title and never changed my pay. I watched other people come in after I started there and get hired in…


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Subscription type boxes

I have been tossing around a subscription type box but still working out the details. I want to do something like that but what I make is not something that is really a month to month kind of thing. I want to call them Goddess Boxes but each box will have 5 items in it that I could sell like sample boxes. If someone orders a Goddess Box then maybe they will order something else from my site. 

So far, I have decided on putting a key fob, prayer in a pocket, checkbook cover, pot…


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A new me

After talking to hubby this weekend about things that have been bothering me, I have decided that I am going to make a new me. I am tired of being run over all the time by people that think they can and tired of being stressed and being tired all the time. So, here is my plan. I am still working on getting things together for my craft business. I am getting as many things made as possible to use as display items and cash and carry items to have a party to premier my business. I am also doing…


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Making Plans

Sitting here at my day job thinking about my craft business and where I want to go. I had thought about doing home parties with it but then thought that I should just do a booth at the flea market or farmer's market. But then I thought why not do both. I can set up all year long at the flea market but then do once every three months for the premier parties for all of the new things coming out each season and they will all be season themed. 

Now to do this I need to make my game plan…


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Feeling better this morning

I have been having issues with my anxiety for the past couple of months and I think the worst is behind me for now. I had a long talk with my husband about the route I want to take for my business and I think I know what I am going to do next. 

I have been having anxiety issues since my dad passed and that was one of the things that I talked to my hubby about last night and I told him how I have been feeling. He has suggested I take a day out and have some fun with some girlfriends so…


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Getting my business started...

...But I need some help. I currently work as a sales assistant and in the company I work for, there is no room for advancement so being an assistant is all I will be with this company. But I have a goal that could change all of that. I have started a gofundme account to help me get the funds together to get out of the situation I am in financially. It seems like I have so many things hitting me all at once and I have to dig myself out. I have been doing plastic canvas crafts for 11 years and…


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Paying it forward

As some of you know I have my own craft business. I have been thinking about something lately that I want to do to honor my dad's memory. When I lost my dad, he didn't have life insurance and we were told we had to have $3800 before they would set the arrangements. Luckily my father-in-law's church donated money to help us but not everyone has that help. So, since I have seen that most of the direct sales companies have foundations set up to help people in need, I decided my business was no…


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Beyond Stressed

Looks like it is going to be harder on me than I thought. I am miserable in my job and emotional to boot. I lost my dad October 11, 2015 to a massive heart attack and his birthday is Friday. I don't want Friday to get here. Mom found out that there is money coming to her from his social security in death benefits and thought it was just going to be a couple of hundred dollars. Well, it is going to be enough to pay off my dad's funeral and still have enough to put back for a cushion for…


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Thinking again

I have been thinking about what route my business should take that would be best for me and my business. I was thinking about seeing if I can get a local shop to carry my products. I will also be selling them at my husband's baseball tournaments. I will be also looking at things to do for my direct sales business. I can reach my goal if I can get 5 ladies to do just $100 in orders in a catalog party.

I am so tired of struggling and feeling like a complete and utter failure. I want my…


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Had to share my creation

I wanted to make something for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for their new home and I know that he doesn't really care about decorations so I concentrated on her likes. She loves flip flops so I made a flip flop welcome sign for them. Here is what it looks…


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Wanting more

I have been working my direct sales business with no luck. I have also been working my craft business and have had more luck with it. I am struggling to figure out how to do things with my direct sales company because the ideas that I have are things that they tell us we are not allowed to do per the company policy. I like being able to decide what I want to do and how I need to do it.

I want more out of life. I want more out of my career. I want to be my own boss and be able to take…


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Time to let go Tuesday

It is time for me to let go of the things I can no longer handle. Letting people out of my life that only want to use me and then disrespect me. Letting go of the stress and concentrate on what needs to be done to get me where I need to be.

I need to be able to be my own boss. I need to be able to have my own life and handle my own destiny.

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Changes to my website

I have been struggling with a couple of things with my business. I have noticed when I Google my business name that there are several other businesses that are coming up that are too similar to my name. So, after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to change my business name. Since the name of my blog is Crafty Goddess I decided that I would call my business Crafty Goddess Creations. I am still on Etsy but my website address is shorter now.

I have everything changed on my…


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