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Yoga for Kids: Body Awareness, The Elbow

One of the things I love about teaching yoga to kids is what I learn from them and how I can then use those experiences to better tailor a class that suits them. Noticing that my students are not always confident about where their knees, elbows, ankles, etc. are gave me an idea. Focusing on one body part and showing the kids how it is involved in our poses and activities can help cement the location of that body part into their memory banks.…


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Kids Yoga Pose of the Week: Side Plank Pose

Okay, I know what you are thinking, side plank for kids? I know, it's a pretty intense pose BUT kids enjoy a challenge when it's presented in a fun and engaging way. It's all about the packaging when it comes to the kiddos. So, when I teach side plank we pretend that we are waving flags or that we are air planes gliding through the air and before we know we are in successful side planks. Go us!! 

Yoga For Kids

The benefits of…


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Kids Yoga Pose of the Week: Downward Facing Dog

Kids yoga. Kids yoga should be full of movement and silliness along with quiet moments of breathing. Thats what this kids downward facing dog sequence is all about, there are silly sounds, big breathes, and a moment to shine for everyone.

I love bringing you an opportunity to practice a yoga pose with your kids. Especially now with a lot of our kids going "back to school" virtually, any ideas that I can share with the…

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Sidewalk Chalk Activities for Kids

Sidewalk Chalk: It's Not Just For Drawing

I buy a lot of sidewalk chalk. We use it to leave art for the neighbors to enjoy in the driveway, we use it to keep score when playing games like the washer game, and we use it for exercise. Hopefully you weren’t envisioning us doing bicep curls with the portly pieces of chalk, that’s not exactly how we use it for exercise, but it’s a funny thought. We use the chalk to set up challenges to follow or…


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Kids Yoga Pose of the Week: Tree Pose

Children's yoga is a great way to add calming focused balance to your daily activity or distance learning physical education plan. Below is a free planning tool that will help you get your kids balancing and feeling confident in no time.


Hey friends! This week we are practicing Tree Pose. Yah! I love Tree Pose, I actually love all the yoga balancing poses because they are so different from my usual mode of exercise, which is big…


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