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Sofia Byrd's Blog – September 2010 Archive (11)

Going Green

I just received an email asking me whether I felt my readers where eco-friendly inclined. I dare to say that our generation, and the new generations, are starting to become more eco-friendly. Maybe some more than others, but it is a start, right?

At home we do what we can, like:

  • We do not have a car...but this one was more of an accident that totaled our beloved Audi! We lost our car back in March and now we carpool with my mother in law whenever we need to go somewhere.…

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Musings of our daily walks

These are some of the things we see during our walks…taken with my iPhone, so sorry for the out-of-focus-blurry photos you are about to see.… Continue

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Boon Benders & ModWare utensils -review

A few days after I started blogging I heard of BOON. And let me tell you, I really like their products! And to be honest I am pretty sure I’ve seen some of them around but never knew it was theirs.

Ty is all about modern stuff, so he would definitely buy every single product Boon has to offer…if only we had more space…

Boon has the perfect product for every need your baby may have: bathing, eating, playing, on-the-go,… Continue

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It is all come and gone. What I feared was nothing else but simple fear. My boy is doing great.

Wednesday morning went by fast. Boy took a bath and discovered how much he enjoys it! He fell backwards but he started kicking. Not even 2 minutes later, he was on his belly splashing water on his face and kicking the tub to get to the other site, turning around and doing the same. All with a cute little grin on his face.

Jokingly, Ty asked around what time I wanted to be at the… Continue

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My Lil Lamb "Little Biker" Outfit -review

I seriously love My Lil Lamb Boutique! They have so many adorable clothes and toys and gifts, you’ll drool all over your keyboard while browsing the site! At least, my keyboard already has some wet spots…

I had the opportunity to review the ‘Little Biker’ Pants Set from My Lil Lamb (as well as a pair of rain boots which will be busy on a photo shoot pretty soon. See the things that happen… Continue

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YooHoo & Friends -Review/Giveaway

Who are the YooHoo & Friends? And, why are they so cute?

Heh, the introduction sounded better in my head! Lets start again but this time make sure to read this post with a News Anchor tone, make tons of pauses, use your hands and move your head like the anchor people do.

Lets start from the beginning, are you with me!?

Who are the YooHoo & Friends? And, why are they so cute? They are the new craze.… Continue

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Tomorrow. I don’t want tomorrow to come.

I am scared.

J is having his surgery tomorrow (talked about it here a few weeks back). A. will be spending the night and tomorrow at grandma’s house.

I can feel it in my stomach. It feels empty every time I think about tomorrow.

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I will miss you, Grandma

"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. ~Kahlil Gibran”…


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Walk This Way

After the Farmer's Market, some frozen yogurt and coffee, we headed out to Grandma's house for an hour or so. J is so into walking nowadays! He loves it and is enjoying his new freedom!…


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What motherhood has taught me

One can never be ready to be a mother. You can never imagine what is is going to be like. Your world changes around you. You see things different. These are a few lessons motherhood has taught me:

  • Your baby's laugh will brighten your day no matter how down you may…

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I my opinion, and I know a lot of you are agree, slugs are gross! They make me nauseous! Lately we keep finding slugs around the house. Last week, early one day, we saw a slimy trail of sliminess in our living room. We couldn’t find that darn slug! We looked under the couch, inside the boys’s toy box, aka playpen, we looked everywhere!! Later that night, or more like early morning the next day, I come downstairs to let Scratch out and BAM! I step on that darn thing! I almost scream in panic… Continue

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