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"Hunt"ing for Camp Runamuk fun!

Last Friday was the last day of Camp Runamuk (the affectionate name we call life at my house when the kids are off school and fun is involved) and I decided to host the First Annual Dugdale Trifecta Easter Egg Hunt.

Here’s what you get when you have 4 mommies + 14 kids + 225 eggs + 12 tons of sugar =

1)      Sometimes even the snails want some chocolate!  The eggs had been out for literally 10 minutes, and we had an attempted robber!
2)      If…

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"How many of these kids are actually yours?!"

. . . was the question from the Dish Network installer at my house today as we were entertaining 14 yes, I said FOURTEEN, children.

Today we had Camp Runamuk, Day 2 – Gettin’ Dirty.  We made “mud” cupcakes, bird houses, paper butterflies and mommy made a sad attempt at a cardboard boomerang . . .

. . . and here’s what we learned:

1)      Bribing the children with Fun Dip for breakfast will ensure that they get their rooms clean in no…

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"Are you watching these children?!"

. . . was the question from the very irritated and judgmental man who almost ran my children over in the Target parking lot!  “YEEEEEEEESSSS!” was my defensive and embarrassed response. 

It’s Spring Break and my “oh sh*t, I’m a stay at home mommy” hives have kicked in.  I have to entertain the children all day and maintain some semblance of my sanity.  It’s gonna be a long week.  But, on the bright side, Camp Runamuk is in full swing.

Here’s what I learned about…

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Redefining March Madness (yes, I know it's April, but that's how maddening my March was)

So it’s March Madness, and even the Nana has a “bracket” that she’s betting on.  Well here’s what I’m betting on . . . absolutely losing my mind before March is over!! 
A couple months ago, following a particularly in depth round of spring cleaning, Husband from Heaven and I were “casually” looking at new homes.  Well, one thing led to another and 60 days later I am now sitting at the kitchen table in our new home.  This is also the reason that I have not written in so long. …

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Where's Mommy's Leprechaun

You know, the one that magically cleans up all the messes in the house and makes the room put back in order like Mary Poppins?!  Oh, that’s right, mommy lives with three leprechauns who on a daily basis turn things upside down, pee in the toilet without flushing and generally leave huge messes in their wake!
Yesterday was St. Patty’s day and we did have a celebration, albeit not as extensive as mommy usually does.  We’re in the midst of a major move and THAT little adventure…

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Where is your green marker?!

Mine is in the principal’s office at my children’s school.  Got another one of those “Dear Mrs. Dugdale” letters today.  This was the second one in THREE DAYS!  The Id (the baby) is killing me!  This time she lost her bathroom privileges during class time because without permission she left the classroom with a contraband green marker and colored her eyelids and lips with the green marker.   Apparently this is not the first time she has done this, and the straw that broke the camel’s back…

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What I learned from a little green box of cookies!

Tonight’s post is dedicated to my friend Natalie who also happens to be the girl scout cookie mom for the Id’s (youngest child) girl scout troop. 
Not only is Natalie the cookie mom, she’s also the smart@$& who gave me sh*t yesterday because last summer when I started this blog I said I would do “365 days of family fun”.  She bet me a drink that I couldn’t keep up with that.  Well, for 2011 I was doing great . . . primarily because I wasn’t going to let Natalie be right.  In…

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Be Careful of that Little Blue Box...

As I know is true with all mommies, the last two weeks I have been lost in the vortex of my crazy life, including girl scout cookie hell, and have had absolutely no time to write about it.  I have, however, had time to keep up with the Bachelor (a girl can’t give up all her guilty pleasures).

Today, I found 15 minutes, so in honor of Valentines Day and finding amazing, incredible, true love (only true Bachelor fans will appreciate that reference), I decided to share a few of…

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Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

Before I get to MLK Day, I forgot to mention yesterday one of the most important lessons I learned about cleaning our house:
When de-childproofing the house, remember not to shut the pantry door when removing the childproof implement.  The door handle may fall off with you inside!  Yep, locked myself in.  Thankfully I was on the phone at the time and therefore could have had someone rescue me; but, alas, I did figure out how to work the mechanism before that had to happen.  Not…

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Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic...

This is what my husband calls my attempts to spring clean our house.  And, he’s right!  It’s mid-January and I’m sure you all were thinking I had given up on my blog.  Nope, I’ve just been buried under a huge pile of Dugdale sh*t that came out of our house.  For the better part of the last two weeks I have been cleaning every single drawer, cabinet, closet, children’s hiding place, and I’m still not done.  BUT, those parts that I have finished, look FANTASTIC and now I feel like I’m ready…

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It's Thursday . . . do you have your formal wear?!

For the New Year I kept vacillating between blogging every day even if I don’t have much to say and only blogging when I had something funny to say or contribute to the lives of those crazy enough to follow my adventures.  As you can see, I’ve chosen the latter.  I know that I’m again sh*tting on all the social media etiquette and “rules” with my refusal to blog every day, but I'm a quasi stay at home mom of three kids.  Give me a f*#&ing break!  Those rules were invented by college…

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Driest Winter Since the Donner Party!

Now I know why it is that people might actually eat each other even if they don’t get snowed in.  As you know from all my b*tching, we trekked all the way up to Lake Tahoe for a white Christmas, and got anything but.  The Donner Party is the ill-fated group of emigrants travelling near Lake Tahoe in the 1840's who got stuck in a snow storm and…


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