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Today is the LAST day to CAST YOUR VOTE

 Hi everyone!

Today is the LAST DAY to cast your vote for the Cribsie Awards!!!

And we really really REALLY need your support :-)

By simply voting, you are entered to win a Munchkin safety gate. How cool is that?!

And I'm also giving away a PREMIUM AD on the site, which receives 100,000+ pageviews per month!

Just forward…


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Celebrating our blogiversary by giving away OVER $4,000 in prizes!!!!



the BIG Nursery Giveaway Event hosted by



$75 GC to (2…


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Your support is needed!!!!

Hi everyone.

Quick email because I really REALLY need your support!

Please vote for my blog, Chic & Cheap Nursery!

VOTING ENDS TONIGHT and I would really appreciate your support!

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Win a Personalized Diaper Cake!

Win the Perfect gift for a new or expectant mommy!

Diaper Cake includes over 60 size 1 diapers.

JoJo Giraffe and blanket (as seen on the hit tv show HOUSE)

Blanket is embroidered with baby's name

Diaper Cake is also personalized with baby's name

Giveaway ends 11/02 at 11:59pm


click… Continue

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Stand Your Ground: Maternity Leave 101

The pregnancy test reads positive and we all, or at least most, jump for joy with excitement and anticipation of the journey we are about to embark upon until we are reminded of… Maternity Leave.

The appropriate time to share your pregnancy with your employer varies depending on your situation and your personal preference. I had been working at a small office for about for years and considered my coworkers to be friends so I shared the news right away. However, when the time came to… Continue

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Why Do Others Love Their Husbands More? : Tip #1 for Improving Your Marriage

Many times I find myself wondering... Why do other women seem to love their husbands more than I love mine?

I read blogs on a daily basis and many mommy bloggers out there are going on and on about how wonderful their husbands are and how much they love them. And it makes me question our relationship.

I love my husband. And I know that he loves me. So how can we be more like that?

I've come up with a few theories that I have been putting to the test. Some of… Continue

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Sarcasm's Not For Everyone: Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog Of The Week

It's Wednesday y'all! And you know what that means... It's Sarcastic Wednesdays here at the Wannabe WAHM blog and it's time to present to you this week's Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog of the Week.

And the lucky mom blogger this week is:

Barefoot Foodie

She just landed the 7th place for the Funniest Blogger Contest in the 2009 BlogLuxe Awards!168 blogs were nominated so you know she must be providing some good laughs. The competition was tough, our very own… Continue

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Happy Anniversary: 10 Reasons Why Marriage Rocks!!!

July is officially the craziest month of the year at our house. My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary and our little, well not so little anymore, bundle of joy is turning one! so, to dedicate a little blog space to my husband, who I rarely ever mention, I have come up with 10 reasons why being married rocks.

Here goes:

10. I can fall asleep on the couch and magically wake up in bed.

9. I have someone to blame for not being able to do something I… Continue

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What would happen to your kids if you were gone?

I know! I know! None of us want to even imagine that one day we might not be there for our children, however, that day will surely come. It is the cycle of life: we're born, we live, we die. But life is unpredictable and sometimes, not all people live to old age. The death of Michael Jackson and the custody battle that will surely follow have forced me to wonder, what would happen to my baby if thing happened to me?

I am so preoccupied with making sure that we have health insurance,… Continue

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enV by Vanessa Coppes: New Mom Owned Business Launched

enV by Vanessa Coppes has just launched it's website.

Vanessa Coppes is the designer and stay at home mom behind this new business. To keep her sanity after having her baby, Vanessa set out to design jewelry. After a small jewelry party to introduce her products to friends and family, business quickly picked up and she recently launched her… Continue

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Making Work at Home Work: Unsolicited Review

As Wannabe WAHM, I have been doing a lot of reading and research.

I just finished reading "Making Work at Home Work" by Mary M. Byers. Although the book is really meant for moms that have already established an at home business I found it to be extremely helpful as I prepare to launch my own.

A quick read, I finished this book in about 1 week, the book is divided into 2 sections: saving your sanity and making a profit. Feel free… Continue

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Starting Your Own Business: Ain't No Piece of Cake

Starting you own business might not be every working mom's dream but I am certain that it is an aspiration for many. The thought of a shorter commute, more time with the kids and not having to deal with an insensitive and pestering boss are one of the many perks that come to mind.

So, what does it take to start your own business? I am the farthest thing from an expert on the subject, I am in the process of starting my own business… Continue

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Self-Sabotage... How Can You Stop It?

I was invited my a friend to the launch of her very own jewelry line this past Saturday. I was thrilled at the prospect of getting out of the house, seeing her after so many years and supporting her with her new endeavor as a WAHM.

Saturday came, my hubby was all set to take care of her that evening, I washed my hair and then, good old, reliable SELF SABOTAGE kicked in. I found myself looking for an excuse not to go! I always complain about how lonely I am and about how I… Continue

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My Babysitter is quitting in September!!!

I have a wonderful older woman who takes care of Sophia when I am @ work and neither my mother or my husband can do it. She give me peace of mind. I can go off to work and do not even have to worry about calling because I know she is well taken care of. In the mornings Sophia just waves goodbye @ the door like I am just going to take the trash out!


Last week, Tia Maria (Aunt Maria), as we call her, gives me the… Continue

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