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Breast is Best? Poppycock.

I'm involved in many blogging circles, mainly to do with writing, autism and mums. For a while now I've read, and sometimes commented on, a considerable amount of posts with regards to breast feeding, and most of the articles have been written by mum bloggers. I have fairly strong views on this subject and I try not to shy away from them. But this week, I read a post written by a mum blogger who's blog I've never read before, and she was literally beside herself because she found it…


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I Dream of Emigrating

I have an uncle and six cousins in Australia. My uncle is my dad's brother and the resemblance is pretty striking. I've only met two of my cousins when they came over with their mum and dad in 1979 but I remember it like it was yesterday. The last time I saw my uncle was about four years ago when my nana passed away. 


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How Much Is Not Enough?

I know it sounds a bit sad but last week I decided to count the amount of cold-callers and begging correspondence I received in the post and on the phone. On average, we get 2 phone calls a day offering their services and trying hard to make us believe they're the next best thing since Bell invented the phone. Between Monday and Friday I answered the phone 14 times to cold-callers, even though we are registered with the Telephone Preference Service. …


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Use Twitter Wisely

I had another freaky experience on Twitter the other day when I obviously tweeted the wrong thing. Being a lover of social networking, I find I have more confidence online than I do in the 'real world'. Whether that's right or wrong, it's how it is for me, and honestly, I'm not really that bothered. But occasionally something happens that undermines that confidence and pulls you down a peg or two, making you feel like you're the biggest loser on the planet.…


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Who Comes First?

There was a debate on the radio concerning the tragic incident that happened over the weekend where the cruise  liner capsized. It must have been a very big shock to the passengers to realise they were caught up in what has been described as being like "a disaster movie"......

But getting back to the question that sparked the debate, and one I found rather interesting, listeners were asked, "should women and children get off first?"…


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Give Me Reality Any Day

As someone interested in farming, I love to watch the reality TV shows that are supposed to educate us all on the trials and tribulations of working and living on a farm.

PLEASE CONTINUE - it's a bit tongue-in-cheek!

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Is It All Too Much, Do You Think?

There's such a lot happening in my life right now, I feel as though I'm stuck on a roller coaster and can't find the exit. When evening comes I can't wait to put my pj's on and snuggle up under the duvet with the television on. Sounds a bit pathetic I know - I mean, how old am I? Not exactly past it am I?! (Stop sniggering at the back) 


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Our New Addition

This is Tanya; she's 8 weeks old and the new addition to the Jigsaw household. She has already, after only a few days, settled in and made herself completely at home.


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Recording Children - Is It Right?

We all love watching our children perform and as I told you in my previous post, the pride we feel is immense. I used to record Amy's school plays when she was little and would put it on video to sell to proud parents and family, thus raising a little money for the school. Once the videos were available to buy at just a few pounds each, a letter went out to parents inviting them to purchase a copy. Unfortunately, the last time I recorded it, the school received a note from a parent…


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Wish Upon A Star

The school hall was packed on Wednesday afternoon with proud family and friends, all supporting their talented kids as they took part in the Christmas performance. Before it started, some members of staff including the head teacher told me I would be in for a big surprise. 

PLEASE CONTINUE - I'm bursting with pride!

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The End of a Magical Era

The inevitable happened over the weekend. For several months now Amy has been questioning her belief in Father Christmas and I have been trying hard to keep the magic alive by giving half-hearted answers like, "if you believe, then he must be real." 


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Beneath The Surface: Does It Exist?

I've been tagged recently by a few different people and as a lot of you know, I'm pretty useless at fulfilling the task in hand that is generously bestowed upon me in order to tell you more about myself. Having been blogging since May 2007, I would say I'd covered most things I wish to share on this open blog, and the skeletons I haven't uncovered are generally still in the cupboard for a reason.



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Are All These Changes Really Necessary?

Inspired by Nickie at Typecast, my RANT about what I think are unnecessary changes online and some changes you might not like:-


I'm starting to get a bit bloody fed up with all the changes constantly being made to our online social media platforms. As someone who isn't technical, it's becoming a nightmare to navigate round these certain areas where I enjoy interacting with personal and online friends. I'm a big…


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Car Crash

Perhaps I tempted fate, who knows, but yesterday my poor mum was hit side-on by a woman pulling out of a junction. Fortunately, neither my mum nor the woman were travelling at speed but the damage to my mum's car is quite severe. As the woman hit the driver's side of my mum's car, I'd say my mum is pretty damn lucky to have walked away without serious injury.




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From A to B

I had to flash my lights at someone the other day as they hurtled towards me at what must have been at least 80mph. He was overtaking a stream of traffic and whether he thought he could make it without killing someone I have no idea, but I had to move to the side of the road and slow right down to avoid a head-on collision.




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Perfection To Me

I stroked Amy's soft cheeks last night when she lay in bed, and looked into her beautiful malteser eyes. I remembered when I used to draw circles with my fingers around her cheeks then touch her cherry lips, telling her how incredibly beautiful she is. To me, she is the most stunning creature in the whole of creation. Before I had a child.....




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The Horse Whisperer

I amazed myself last week and booked a horse riding lesson. After spending two months watching Amy have a wonderful time on Guiness, a 16hh gelding and probably the most gentle horse I have ever met, I thought it was time I got back in the saddle. We're planning to get a horse on the farm next summer mainly for Amy, but my intention is to ride it when she's at school, especially during the winter.



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People Watching

I went into a popular high street store the other day that was very busy. Making my way to the checkouts, I noticed only two tills open out of four yet the queue was pretty long. As usual, the people waiting were hopping about from foot to foot, sighing and muttering under their breaths about having to wait.



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The Love of an Animal

This is Saracen, a beautiful golden labrador that belonged to some good friends of ours. This picture was taken when he was well. For the past six months he has deteriorated before our eyes even though he didn't seem in any discomfort apart from that of old age. He had a wonderful personality and an extremely placid nature.


PLEASE CONTINUE - I'm afraid it's a bit of a tear…


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Online Networking Made Sociable

Over the years of blogging, I've made friends and lost friends. Sometimes this hasn't bothered me and sometimes it has. I think it's natural to change our circle of friends from time to time, a bit of an update to our blog roll doesn't do any harm. But I do find quite often that a lot of newer bloggers find it really hard to accept a difference of opinion either on their blogs or via their networking platforms.



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