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Blog Report (3): Baby Food Pouches

Our next feature in the PRK Products blog series regarding

baby food options focuses on baby food in pouches. This is a relatively new way

to store and serve baby food and I have investigated the pros and cons of this

product. PRK aims to provide information that is helpful to parents who have

concerns about baby food products. Read below to find out more about baby food

in pouches.

A new trend in the business of baby food is pouch packaging.



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Special Blog Series (2) Glass Baby Food Jars

Our blog series on baby food products continues with a focus on glass baby food jars. There

are three major companies that offer baby food in glass jars; Gerber, Earth’s

and Beech-Nut.

 For a rundown of the pros and cons of glass jars and a description of the aforementioned brands of food read below. Homemade baby food will be…


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Special report (1) Baby Food Choices

We at PRK want to help educate parents on the choices of baby food found at stores. 

We want parents to be informed to make the best choices for their baby because

only you can determine what is best to feed your child. As new baby food

products hit the store shelves it is important for parents to evaluate not only

what the food is made of but what exactly is its container made of? Today we

begin a blog series on the various types of baby food, bottles and…


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How the mother of four started her own company part 4

Well I just heard from TXS Industrial Design ( today. I have my new Jar Unit drawings done so I can start the tooling on that and the new bottle dispenser drawings just got released so final tooling can start on that.  I am so happy and feel like finally the light is going to appear at the end of the tunnel.  With new tooling I can produce the products at a price that will not put me out of business which is good obviously...Whew!



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How a mother of four started her own business

Okay so where am I now? Well I have found a wonderful manufacturer right here in Texas, GTM Plastics ( I am in process of making new tools. This is one other area you need to get educated in. What is tooling? What does how many shots mean? What does how many cavities does it have mean? What does it mean when you are asked does it cool properly? What is injector blades?…


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How a mother of four started her own business

Okay, so you have your idea…now what?  THAT is the questions folks!  I contacted a company called Harshaw Research.  There they filed my patents and made my first prototypes.  Easy enough…just get ready for your pocketbook to get a lot lighter!  Around $15,000 was spent with them.  Then off to a tradeshow (which I highly recommend by the way) to see what the public really thinks about your idea.  Once again get ready for your…


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