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I don't know how it is in your household, but in mine, there's a WORLD of difference between when I get sick and when my husband gets sick.  We're talking night and day contrast, people.  You see, he turns into a 39 year-old baby when he's under the weather, whereas I must continue with life as normal, sniffles and aches, be damned!

It was just last week when my other half came home and dramatically announced to the family that he had come down with my daughter's cold.  He then proceeded to collapse onto the living room sofa and pass out for the next TWELVE FREAKING HOURS.  Meanwhile, the dog had chewed up my son's lunchbox (AGAIN!!!) and my daughter was having a four-alarm, no holds-barred meltdown over a homework assignment.  The next town over could've heard all the commotion, yet, miraculously, Rip Van Winkle managed to sleep his way through the entire three-ring circus!  Seriously, WTF, dude?!  How do you NOT hear all those wails and shrieks?!

And even though I promised myself that I would absolutely, under no circumstances come down with the same ailment, I, too, eventually caught the stupid germs and achoo'd my way through the entire weekend.  However, I still had to do laundry, go to the grocery store, and cheer my ass off at a soccer game.  Ya see, the show must go on even when Mama's feeling like poo.  Injustice anyone?


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Comment by Rhonda Fischer on October 4, 2012 at 9:36pm

Maybe you should by your hubby a children's book and read it to him. This one just won the Gold !

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Comment by Lara N. on October 4, 2012 at 6:20pm

Yep, got a 41 year old baby here :)  He still insists that if you're not bringing in an outside income, it's not really work. No one takes care of me when I'm sick and as you wrote, I'm still expected to take care of everyone else no matter how awful I feel.  He's really dropped the ball here, because our kids see how he does when I'm sick and they follow likewise: lack of empathy, entitlement, taking me for granted and selfishness.

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