10 Awesome Accessories for Harry Potter Inspired Kids Room

You all have read or watched Harry Potter at least once in your life. Isn’t that magical world breathtaking? Everything you saw in the movie and read in the book is a great example of creativity and imagination. Most kids fantasize to have a little bit of Harry’s adventure into their life. Getting a magical life like Harry seems unrealistic however, you can always bring in some Hogwarts magic to your kid's room. So, if your kid is a big fan of Harry Potter, add the accessories inspired by Harry Potter to your kid’s room and get an immense amount of love in return.

Read on to get you inspired

  1. Bring the Hogwarts Magic to the Walls

Walls have lots of potentials to revamp your kid’s room with the Harry Potter fantasy. You can get a variety of cutouts and posters to put on the walls of your kid’s room. Such wall designs are an amazing way to create a harry potter theme to any room. Find out your kid’s favorite part of the movie and create its glimpses on the walls using the wall sticker which are easily available at many online retailer stores.

  1. Get some indoor plants in harry potter style

Bringing-in the greenery is going to help your kid sleep better and feel healthier with additional oxygen supply. Besides, do you remember the magic potion class from the harry potter first year? Well, the plants in harry potter are much more different than in the real world however, you can bring in the pots that very much designed in that shape which can create the same effects to your kid’s room. You will be amazed to see how your kid likes this new addition to her room.

  1. Get a Harry Potter Bed

While decorating your kid’s room, it is important to keep her likes and dislike in mind. However, when you know your kid is a Harry Potter fan, you can relax and throw in all your imagination and creativity in the room. Start with the bed, you must have seen Harry’s bed in the first year they were iconic, cozy and magical. So, bring in the harry potter bed-sheets and comforters to help your baby sleep more pleasantly. Also, get the best quality mattress suiting your baby. If you are wondering what mattresses are the best for kids, have a look at mattress review site like Voonky where you can find the best mattress for your baby.

  1. Focus on the Paintings that with Revolving Eyes

Paintings are among the weirdest and creepy part of the harry potter movies. Those talking charters and moving ghosts were horrifying. If your kid wishes to have this kind of magic in her room, you definitely do it. There are many online stores that would take the special orders for paintings like harry potter movie. Anyways they are not going to talk but, they can sure have some magical aspects like revolving eyes or 3D effects.

  1. Check for Rugs Printed in Hogwarts Style

How can you miss the floors? Rugs are going to add drama to the floors and warmth to the room. Add a rug that displays the nice trio friends group of the Harry Potter movie. It will add so much décor to the room that your kid will love it. To find the perfect kind of rugs, you can visit the online store that delivers the customize rugs on orders.

  1. Lights

You can always play around with the lights. Once you have the bedding, floors, and walls covered in the Hogwarts magic, it’s time to do some magic with the lights as well. You can buy night lamps inspired by Harry Potter or use a chandelier in your kid’s room. Also, you can find some ceiling radium sticker in the Harry Potter theme. These stickers glow in the dark and give a luminous effect in the room during the night.

  1. Bookshelf

If you are doing the Harry Potter theme, you can’t miss on the amazing bookshelves. Also, your kids will love to have a mini library in their room. Now, depending on your budget you select the size of the bookshelf. You can find ready-made designs too from the online stores.

  1. Voice Commanded Door

This may be a very technological addition to the list but, if you can afford this, it is going to make your baby’s room more magical. Today, technology has become very efficient and smart lock is very common. Getting a smart voice recognition door lock is an amazing addition to your baby’s Harry Potter theme bedroom.

  1. Flying key-wind Chimes

Chimes are very positive and kill the negativity within the room. You can add one to our kid’s room too. However, you can follow the Harry Potter theme here also by adding the flying keys wind chimes. Remember the Quidditch game in the movie, as it has a flying ball, you can use the same kind of elements to make a customize wind chimes for a Harry Potter fan room.

  1. Bring Your Kid an Owl Toy

If your kid loves soft toys you can bring in some harry potter characters to decorate the room. You can easily buy these at any of the online stores as harry potter is among the very popular movie in the kids.

Decorating the kid's room is a purely personal experience as you know better what fits in and what not. Make sure everything you add to the room has a soothing effect on your kid’s brain and allows her to sleep through the night. Hope this list has made you enough inspired to bring in the little part Hogwarts to your kid’s world. Wish you fun decorating the room!

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