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10 Best Apps and Tech Tools for Parents

Does leaving your child unattended for even a few minutes make you uncomfortable? Do you start fearing and hallucinating the most horrible things in the world while you are away to shower? Have you been wishing for some dream product like a multipurpose device by TeamViewer that you can remotely control when away from kids? Well, relax! You are not alone. We all become extra cautious and conscious when it comes to our kids. 

You can actually count on some useful tech gadgets and apps to take care of your kids better. Thanks to technology! It is helping you take care of the challenges regarding childproofing. Because kids are entirely unaware of the lurking dangers around them. Let’s explore these tools and apps.

Top 10 Apps and Devices for Better Parenting

  1. Mommy, I’m Here
  2. Prodigy Car Seat with a SmartScreen
  3. Amber Alert GPS V3
  4. Child Safety Gate
  5. Artkive
  6. Boxed App
  7. Baby Brezza Formula Pro
  8. Jenzy
  9. Circle by Disney
  10. Dropcam HD Video Monitoring System

Let’s know them better.

Mommy, I’m Here

Every parent should essentially own a child locator. Especially if they have young kids and tots who have begun wandering around. As a parent, you should never discourage your kids from curious explorations and adventures. But what you can do is that you can have a gadget that locates them efficiently. You won’t have to spend solid 20-30 minutes to locate you tot in the toy section while you were doing grocery. This device can be easily worn on the ankles or the wrists. You will have the transmitter in the keychain with a button. If your child gets lost, all you need to do is press the button. The sound emitted from the tool will lead you to your child.

Prodigy Car Seat with a SmartScreen

Even the most peaceful children can become really fussy on long drives. If you travel frequently with family, you need to get your hands on this car seat. It’s super comfy and fulfills the advanced standards of child safety. The built-in smart screen will discourage their abrupt tantrums. It is perhaps the best car seat in the market. You can have a cozy cover for it to make your baby more comfortable. Invest a little more in belt holders to avoid untangling, fixing, and buckling up the belts.

Amber Alert GPS V3

This tracker comes in a perfect size to track the location of your kid. And it goes for both indoors and outdoors. It is handy and carried easily. Geo-fencing various zones have never been easier. Efficient software allows you to choose safe places for your kid. And the moment your kid enters the no-go area, you will start receiving notifications. It’s easy to teach your kid how to press the SOS button in the event of an emergency.

Child Safety Gate

For parents of adventurous toddlers, this one is really useful. It helps you confine them in a particular area of your house. You can manage them better when you do that. Especially if you are taking care of things in the house or running some chores. This safety gate keeps your kids in one place. Just make sure you leave some of their favorite toys inside to save them from boredom.


This one is a recommendation for an app. If you are one of those parents who love to preserve memories of their children, this one is for you. This app can digitally preserve your kids’ artwork. So, every time when your toddler scribbles something on a paper or even a wall for that matter, you can save it with this app. This app can even create a printed book out of all the artwork masterpieces for you to save as a memory for years to come.

Boxed App

Available on both iOS and Android, this app is a lifesaver. If you dread paying visits to the nearby store for all those kids-related essentials, this one is for you. You can save yourself from the tedious drill of dragging all your kids along. And shop between handling your kids and saving the breakables from them. You can order all the essentials such as toiletries, snacks, paper products, and other stuff from your phone directly. You get to save time, money, and energy. Say goodbye to maneuvering that huge shopping cart in the aisles. And get all these items delivered on your doorstep!

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

It’s not easy to wake up in the middle of the night, multiple times to make those perfect milk bottles for your kids. You need coordination and stamina. Especially if it requires stumbling from your bedroom to the kitchen and looking for a clean feeder and formula milk. This appliance is a life saver. You can make a bottle of milk just with a single click of a button. And you achieve perfect consistency and temperature.


Do shoe sizes confuse you while shopping for your kid? Or, is your kid between sizes? Well, this app has got you covered. All you need to do is to snap a picture of your kid’s feet in this app. And it will find the right sizes in different brands and styles on the e-store. Simply scroll through the available options, order them, and wait for them to reach you.

Circle by Disney

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all get sucked into our devices easily. And this includes both kids and adults. Circle by Disney manages tech time of everyone in the family. You can:

  • Set time limit for every individual
  • Enable access and block websites as you will
  • Shut off internet access at chosen times

Dropcam HD Video Monitoring System

Visual footage of kids in important for parents. Especially when the maternity leave ends and they have to go back to work. Well, the haunting babysitter stories on social media are to be blamed. You can’t help but keep an eye on how a babysitter is treating your kids. And rightly so! With Dropcam HD Video Monitoring System, you can easily monitor your kids and their babysitters even if you are in another city. It is as efficient as TeamViewer Blizz. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to catch it.

Now leaving your child unattended for even a few minutes won't haunt you. Because technology is helping you protect your fragile kids. 

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