Homemade gifts are a win-win. Kids love to get creative and sink their hands into art supplies. Grown-ups appreciate the love that comes packaged in a child’s handmade gift. Here are ten adorable and inexpensive projects that kids can make themselves. Have fun getting crafty!

  1. Scented eye pillow

A lovely gift for moms and grandmas, scented eye pillows require a little sewing by either hand or machine. You’ll need fabric, a dry filling such as rice, and a scented item like essential oils or herbs. We like using dried lavender for an extra dose of relaxation.

  1. Fleece blanket

Charming and cozy fleece blankets are fun to make and delightful to receive. Fleece fabric comes in a huge range of colors and prints, giving kids lots of choices. It’s easy to cut the fabric and tie knots on the edges to make cute blankets in any size, from doll blankets to full-sized throws grandparents will appreciate.

  1. Terrarium

Kids can give anyone a homemade terrarium, including dads, teachers, or even another kid. Start with a glass jar, fish bowl, or vase. Add small rocks and potting soil, then miniature plants. Finish with decorative items such as shells or tiny figurines.

  1. Cookie mix in a jar

Nothing says love like a delicious cookie mix in a jar. This project needs adult supervision, but kids will have fun scooping the ingredients layer by layer. You can even work in a little math by having kids calculate fractions as they measure.

  1. Bead bracelet

These timeless gifts are always welcome to grandmothers, teachers, and other grown-ups who adore your kids. Small children do best with thick pony beads, while older kids can use seed beads. Kids string the beads onto elastic cords, though you may have to help them tie them shut after beading. A drop of clear nail polish on the knot helps the bracelets stay secure.

  1. Shrink art keychain

Keychains are an inexpensive idea perfect for when your child needs to make a lot of gifts at once. Use permanent markers to draw designs onto shrink art plastic. Flowers, hearts, and basic geometric shapes work well. Remember that the designs will shrink to one-third their original size. Cut out the designs, punch a hole near the edge, and bake according to the shrink art directions. Finish with a basic key ring.

  1. Jar vase

Fresh flowers are always a welcome gift, but they’re more personal when tucked inside a homemade vase. Start with any clean, dry jar, and kids can decorate them with paint markers meant for glass. Finish the jar with a ribbon tied around the neck.

  1. Hand-painted wooden spoon

The perfect choice for someone who loves to cook, a hand-painted wooden spoon makes a cute little gift all on its own or packaged with a baking mix. Kids can paint the spoon handles with acrylic paint in stripes, swirls, tiny polka dots, or whatever design seems the most fun.

  1. Jeweled picture frame

Here’s a cute craft even a toddler can make. Pick up a packet of adhesive plastic jewels along with a plain, solid-colored picture frame from the craft or discount store. Kids can stick the jewels all over the frame; it’s that easy. For the finishing touch, fill the frame with a cute snapshot of the gift-giver.

  1. Handprint apron

Perfect for Mother’s Day! Kids can decorate an apron—even a clean, used apron will work just fine—with their own handprints for a heart-melting and colorful gift. Brush acrylic paint onto your little one’s hands and help them carefully press their prints onto the apron. Get inspired with butterfly designs, thumbprint ladybugs, and more.

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