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10 Signs You May Want to See a Cardiologist

Every 36 seconds, an American dies from heart disease. There are not many, if any, warning signs of a heart attack or stroke, making heart disease the leading cause of death in the United States. If you are concerned about your family history of cardiovascular disease, you should monitor the situation closely and take proactive steps to protect your heart. Even if you do not have a hereditary predisposition to heart disease, you should seek help from a cardiologist if you experience certain signs.

1. Chest pain
This is the clearest indication that you may have a heart problem. While chest pain can be caused by a variety of factors, persistent discomfort, especially when you're physically active, may indicate that it's time to see a doctor. Don't overlook this type of pain because it could be one of the early indicators of a heart attack.

2. High blood pressure
Coronary arteries can be harmed by high blood pressure. It can cause them to constrict and develop plaque buildup (harmful substances). By obstructing blood flow to the heart, the accumulation deprives it of oxygen and nutrition. Long-term high blood pressure poses a substantial risk of heart disease.

3. You’re diabetic
Diabetes and heart disease are strongly intertwined. Blood vessel function is impaired by poor blood sugar levels, putting you at higher risk for coronary artery disease. You can find treatment or prevention methods that can minimize your risk with the advice of your primary care physician.

4. Palpitations
Heart palpitations are defined as an excessive heartbeat that flutters or bobs up and down. In addition to anxiety, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol consumption can all trigger palpitations. If you find yourself experiencing shortness of breath, disorientation, or chest pain along with your palpitations, seek medical assistance immediately.

5. High cholesterol level
When bad LDL cholesterol levels become elevated, this can eventually lead to blockages in the arteries and the build-up of plaque. Because high LDL levels might be a result of a poor diet, it's a good idea to consult your cardiologist or primary care physician about adopting your heart-healthy diet.

6. Preeclampsia
Some pregnant women develop preeclampsia, which can be harmful to a woman's heart health. High blood pressure, inflammation in the limbs, and protein in the urine are all symptoms of this illness. It's one of the less apparent risk factors for heart disease, and women who have it should visit a cardiologist right away before it worsens.

7. Gum disease
Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, may raise your risk for heart disease. Researchers are still investigating the connection, which may be due to shared risk factors such as poor eating habits and smoking. Therefore, make an appointment with your heart doctor after visiting the dentist.

8. Chronic kidney disease
If your kidneys aren't working properly, you're more likely to get heart disease. Kidney disease is frequently linked to hypertension and vascular disease. By detailing how your illness affects your heart, your cardiologist can help you reduce your risk of heart disease.

9. Obesity and waist circumference
Obesity in the abdomen area raises the risk of coronary heart disease. Because waist circumference (WC) is a better predictor of cardiovascular disease risk, talk to your doctor about what your optimal belly size should be and what you can do to avoid putting your health and heart in danger.

10. Smoking habit
Smoking is a hazardous habit that may lead to serious heart-related problems. It is also a risk factor for cancer and high blood pressure that may develop in the long run. It is critical that you attempt to quit smoking. A cardiac checkup might be advisable if you're a past or current smoker.

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