10 Small but Crucial Things to Obsere in a Relationship

Every couple strives for a loving and healthy relationship, but somehow, when they’re in one, they tend to overlook some seemingly small, but crucial things. Love is not about buying expensive presents, but showing appreciation through small, daily things. Even though these things might seem small and unimportant, they are actually a way to nurture a relationship. If you don’t know much about the little things that can mean everything in a relationship, keep reading to learn about them so you can build your relationship. Some basic tips include enjoying your partner’s company, expressing your affection in different ways, surprising your partner with some small but thoughtful gifts, communicating with kindness and love, really listening to your partner and doing the things they want sometimes. It’s also important to be reliable and thoughtful in a relationship, patient and honest, willing to compromise as well as to compliment your partner and acknowledge their achievements.


1.   You should enjoy your partner’s company

Even though this seems like an obvious thing, it perhaps isn’t. Many people believe strongly that they wouldn’t date someone whose company they don’t enjoy. However, in practice, it can happen often that we feel a powerful chemistry with someone, but when we think more deeply about their company, we can realize that we don’t really like this person as we thought. You should really ask yourself whether you enjoy your partner’s company or you just like the idea of your partner. It’s sometimes difficult to make this distinction. The key to a successful relationship lies in finding a person with who you enjoy spending time. In reality, it is possible to find someone who you can’t get enough of in many years of a relationship. Actually, you can end up loving them even more than you did initially.

2.   Express your affection

After being in a committed relationship for a few years, couples usually come to this period when they take their partner for granted and forget to express their affection, assuming that it is something that they already know. This is a mistake. We should always make a conscious effort and say to our partners how we feel about them and how much we appreciate them being here. You can express your affection in different ways. For instance, you can leave cute little notes for them or even write love notes – it’s so easy and simple and yet so effective. Also, don’t forget to say to your partner that you love them every once in a while – everybody likes hearing that.

3.   Surprise them with small but thoughtful gifts

Gifts don’t have to be too expensive and cost you your month’s salary to show your affection and love. These gifts can be as simple as getting your partner their favourite piece of cake because you know they’ve had a long and hard day at work. The key in these small gifts is in listening to what your partner says and making that something come true for them, without them having to say it to you. For example, if you know that your partner is looking forward to a new book release, go ahead and buy it for them. They’ll definitely be surprised and they’ll appreciate the gesture. Or if you know that your female better half wants to book a lash lift, lash extension, or do their brows, consider booking them an appointment at a beauty studio such as Lash Blossom. They’ll surely appreciate that and the fact that you’ve been paying attention to what they say.

4.   Don’t forget to communicate with love and kindness

Communication is an integral part of every loving relationship. Being the bedrock, it needs to be present and stable. In some relationships, it can happen that couples come to a period where they lack communication. It usually comes after a few years of being in a relationship. Whatever the case, you should always opt to be kind rather than right. Being kind is what is going to make you and your partner happy in your relationship. So, it would be good to think about a few essential things before you speak. Firstly, think about whether it is really necessary to say what you have in mind. Then, consider whether it is kind and whether it will hurt anybody’s feelings. Always try communicating in a way that is honest and soft. Only in this way will your partner be able to hear what you have to say. This is the key to an amazing and loving relationship.

5.   Listen to your partner

Many problems in relationships happen due to not listening to your partner. Take your time and genuinely listen to what your partner has to say. Try to be helpful and offer them some suggestions and advice. Sometimes it’s enough just to listen to your partner, without saying anything. In a healthy and committed relationship, we rely on each other for guidance, advice and love. Remember that if a woman is complaining to you about some things that have happened to her, that means that she trusts you, so be careful not to betray her trust.

6.   Do the things they want to do

It is normal that people don’t enjoy doing the same things, even if they enjoy each other’s company. We are not all the same, so that’s why this is a common occurrence. As long as you share views on some big things, you’ll be fine. For these other things, such as enjoying different types of movies, books or cuisines – you should sometimes do what your partner wants even though you’re keen on it so much. Of course, try to have a positive attitude, as nobody likes going somewhere with a person who is openly negative about it.

7.   Be reliable and thoughtful

These are crucial things in every relationship: being reliable and thoughtful. Having a great partner means having someone you can rely on at all times. It is someone you can count on no matter what. You simply need a person who is going to be there when you need them the most and who will be your support in an hour of need. This is a key characteristic because you know that they are going to do what they said they will and not flake on you. As far as being thoughtful is concerned, we sometimes tend to overlook it, when in fact, we shouldn’t as it is crucial. We need to stop and think about for a minute what we can do every day to make our partner happy.

8.   Be patient and honest

To form a healthy and strong relationship, we need to learn how to be patient. It takes time to learn about our partner’s likes and dislikes as well as differences in personality. We also need time to adjust and also to be kind while adjusting. Moreover, patience is also crucial when it comes to having productive discussions rather than arguments. We should learn to approach our relationships in a calm and collected manner. On the other hand, being honest is what we are supposed to be towards everyone, but in reality it’s not like that. However, being honest with your partner is the way to show them how much you care about them by always telling them the truth, in a kind way, of course.

9.   Be open to compromise

Compromise means meeting your partner halfway and there will always come a time where you’ll need to compromise. It’s important to be willing to do it because otherwise, your relationship might not endure. You should be compatible with your partner, that’s true, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll adore every single thing they do. If you genuinely care about someone, you’ll want to give it a try and do something they want to do, and they’ll surely do the same for you.

10.   Compliment your partner and acknowledge their achievements

Lastly, don’t forget to compliment your partner on how they look or behave and be there to acknowledge their accomplishments, regardless of how small they might seem. Your partner will feel so much better knowing that you are there for them and that you truly care about them. After all, their success is your success.


Similar to a flower, for a relationship to flourish, we need to take good care of it as well as nurture it.


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