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Newborns typically have six well-baby visits the first year of their lives. From weight checks, to vaccinations, to everything in between, you will be spending a lot of time with the pediatrician. These frequent visits are important to making sure your child is healthy and developmentally…

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10 Tips on Becoming a Successful Video Blogger

Video blogging is becoming increasingly popular every day. Regular bloggers are turning to videos for a better chance of gaining a larger audience and stay ahead of the competition.

YouTube alone has more than 30 million visits every day. On Facebook, there are more than 100 million hours of video watched every day. Add to this the score of other video sharing and live streaming platforms such as Amazon’s Twitch and Twitter’s Periscope, and you’ll realize the enormous potential video blogging videos has.

With the right concept, the proper equipment and a good dose of dedication, anyone can turn video blogging into a successful business.

In this article, we look at a few tips that can help you become a successful video blogger:

1. Decide your niche and topic – Before you get the cameras rolling, you need to first decide what you’ll be blogging about. Just like regular blogging, you can cover just about any topic under the sun in your video blog.

However, you need to identify a niche you’re comfortable with, and your prospective audience. A few ideas are beauty and makeup, business and entrepreneurship, personal training, money and finance, cooking and recipe, gossip and entertainment and so on.

2. Be unique – Truth is, no matter how different your niche or topic is, someone somewhere is probably doing something similar. This means you have to probably need put in little more oomph to make your video blogging content and style unique.

This could mean further enriching the knowledge base of your niche with in-depth researchers and adding more interest and excitement into your presentation. For instance, you don’t have to be the only face behind the camera in your videos; you can have guests or even involve people on the streets.

3. Get the right equipment – To a large extent, the success of your video blog depends on the equipment you use. While you may not need a studio or expensive space to shoot, you definitely need a high quality equipment that would give you good images and audio.

Even if you’re a beginner, it’s wise to invest in high quality video equipment. There are several high quality brands to choose from. You don’t want your viewers to see you as a dark blob on their screen. You should also pay attention to the lighting in the room you’ll be using and ensure there are no distracting sound that could affect your audio quality.

4. Choose the right platform – Another important choice to make when starting your video blog is the platform to use. There are a plethora of options to choose from for posting, sharing or streaming videos.

You can create a free account on YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion and put your videos out for the world to see. Or you can opt to pay for a hosting platform to host your blog and videos. Whatever you decide, ensure that it is one you have the skills to manage.

5. Keep your videos short – People no longer pay as much attention as they used to. The average attention span of individuals no longer goes beyond 5 minutes. This means to run a successful video blog, you need to create videos that are short and straight to the point.

After all, the plan is to create content people will want to watch to the end. While it is possible to create longer videos, as much as possible, make sure your videos fall within the 5 minutes window and try to pass your complete message within the first 4 minutes.

6. Update regularly – Nothing is more disappointing to visitors than coming to your page only to meet old videos that they have previously seen. You are only successful if people watch your videos and keep coming back for more. But they won’t come back again if there’s no new content to see.

You need to upload new videos regularly. The secret is to shoot as many videos as possible at a go and create an upload schedule. This way, you don’t have to shoot videos whenever you want to upload until you exhaust your current stock.

7. Optimize – Whether you have your own website or host your videos on a streaming platform, be sure to get as many views as possible. One way to do this is to optimize your videos so they show up on search engine results for similar search. You can do this by creating an accurate and detailed description of each video you upload and giving them titles using keywords that people may use when searching for your type of videos.

Additionally, you can associate your videos with tags to make them trend. For example, if you do a celebrity gossip video; add a trending ‘hashtag’ related to the celebrity in the video to boost popularity.

8. Reach out – Your audience and viewers are the people that’d make your videos go viral, so you should always reach out to them and engage them. For example, encourage comments and ideas on your blog.

While you may not use any of the suggestions, always acknowledge and appreciate the contributor. Take the time to respond to their feedbacks and answer their questions. When you do this, they’ll be more likely to share your posts and invite other people.

9. Spy the competition – Blogging is not a very easy task. It takes a lot of dedication and creativity. Chances are that after a while you may lose some steam or run out of ideas. When that happens, go get some inspiration by visiting other vlogs doing something similar to what you are doing. There are possibly millions of other video blogs doing your kind of thing out there; visiting them will give you ideas on how to do better.

10. Go social – Social media has become a very important tool for growing businesses, and you can use it to grow your video blog also. Use social media to identify people who might be interested in your videos and either tag or add them to your group. Then consistently update your social media profiles with your videos or links to your videos. This will help you generate a lot of traffic to your blog.

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