11 Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy at the Hotel

Happy kids, happy parents! Staying at a hotel and sharing a room with the young restless children can be a nerve-racking experience even for stress-tolerant parents. It's not that this mission is impossible, but planning the activities ahead is super important for moms and dads who also want to relax. Sure, modern professional entertainers are the epitomes of a super-necessary magic power. They are focused on the needs of the guests and always keep them occupied. Still, you cannot have these guys all day long at your side entertaining and showing tricks to your kids!

So, there are times when you have to stay with your beloved kiddos alone. And if you want to retain your sanity and exclude video games from your kids' agenda at least on vacation, the following ideas will invigorate you a little and make your children busy for some time! Off we go!

  1. Fancy playhouse

Your children will love a tent in the middle of the hotel room! Just offer them to build it alone or together with you! For this purpose, you only need some blankets, quilts or thick bedspreads and some furniture. Put the coverage up between the beds, toss in some cushions and your kiddos will have a perfect fortress to hide out.

  1. Tabletop games

Before leaving home on vacation, grab at least one board or card game such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, or Chinese Checkers. Any of these games can amuse and distract your kids' attention from you. Depending on the age of your kids, find the games that don't contain dozens of small pieces. Make sure there are all vital pieces for the games in the box as they can be lost while traveling from one place to another.

  1. Magic finger shadow show

You may empty the closet floor and put there a blanket with a few pillows down. Turn off the light in the room and give your kids a flashlight or a telephone with lighting. It’s time to make a finger shadow show on the wall or begin telling ghost stories. Grant a right of choice to your small inventors!

  1. Quite pastime

Boost your kids' imagination and keep them busy for a while with Lego, crayons, Play-Dough, K'Nex set, figurines, flannel board, stickers, puzzles, kinetic sand, etc. To take some of these toys along , you have to sacrifice some space in the luggage but moments of silence are worth it!

  1. Paper airplanes

Most kids are fond of stunt paper airplanes! They can be easily folded in a hotel room! Show your kids how to do them and then toss your your handmade pieces to run off your kids’ energy. That will be fun!

  1. Painter’s tape

Though painter’s tape doesn’t take much space, the variety of fun activities using it is endless!  For instance, tape the floor to build a racing track for little cars and the world for plastic toys; or tape across the doorway like a spider web so that the kids can throw the paper through it!

  1. Photo battle

Your kids are photojournalists. Give them phones with cameras and an assignment to take pictures of some items in the hotel halls. These can be anything including numbers, shapes or designs. To make it even more intensive and competitive, set off the timer. After they finish, check the results and award the winners!

Caution! Tell your kids where they are allowed to go and where not. Do not let them go far away from your hotel room. Do not offer this game to small kids!

  1. Handmade bubbles

If you do not have a trunk of bubbles with you in a hotel room, you can easily make them using the supplies from the hotel bathroom. Yep! Mix about two spoons of shampoo, a container of water and two packets of sugar. Where can you find a bubble wand? You may use a coffee stirrer with a hole or a ring from a soda bottle. That will work!

  1. Limber up

Prepare some videos of exercises with positive music on the background and ask if your kids can repeat the moves! That's an easy, yet fun way to distract your 'energizers' from you!

  1. Pudding finger paint

Pudding finger paints are easy to make and fun to use! Besides, you may not worry if the kids accidentally take some into their mouths as the paints are absolutely safe. Follow the instructions to cook the pudding and let it be cooled. Once the pudding is ready, your kids can use it to finger paint on a hard surface.

11.Cooking creativity

If you are out of fresh entertaining ideas, the jolly treats can help you out! Spur your kids’ creativity and let them make some new snacks out of cupcakes, marshmallows, syrup, or squirt icing! Ask your kiddos to cook a yummy dessert for their hungry mom and dad!

Remember that some entertaining games can cause a real mess in a hotel room! But as long as your children are entertained and cheerful, you can clean up later and let yourself relax for a while! Have a good vacation!

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