15 Activities FREE for Dad

Father's Day is a special time every year that we can celebrate that wonderful father figure in our lives, whether connected by blood or love. Make the day extra special by planning a fun activity to do together. Even better- a FREE activity. With so many options to choose from, we wanted to help out by providing 12 free activities for Dad on Father's Day. Choose one or more!

Breakfast in Bed:

  • Although breakfast in bed is something that is usually done for moms, father's enjoy this too! Surprise him by cooking up some of his favorite foods and presenting it to him before he has a chance to even get out of bed.

Beach Grilling:

  • One father's day favorite of mine is packing up the car and heading to the beach! Bring a mini grill and food and then find a location where you can set up for the day. Most dad's enjoy grilling - something about man and fire - and the water and sand is sure to keep the kids entertained. Hang out for the entire day, but remember to bring the bug spray!

Family Bike Ride:

  • Have a dad who enjoys bike riding? Love on him this Father's day by taking part in an activity that he's interested in. It could be as simple as riding around your neighborhood and surrounding areas or surprising him by finding a new bike trail to explore!

Party Ova' Here:

  • Celebrating Dad doesn't always have to be with your household alone. Reach out to some close friends or family and turn it into a party! Games, food, and fellowship with other dads is a great way to relax and enjoy this special day.

The Afternoon Off:

  • As a mom, I am not shy about saying that one of the best gifts you can give me is a little time to myself. Whether it's for reading, watching a movie, sleeping, or taking a walk. The freedom to think (or not) and just be is priceless. And after a long week, this could be just what dad needs. Give this gift to him. Give  one hour, two hours, or even three hours to spend enjoying however he'd like. And if you're worried about how your family celebration would fit into this; simply plan to do it before or after. This is just an extension of your larger gift to Dad. ;)

More Ideas for Dad:

Camping: Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway 

Free Movie from Redbox

Knight's Action Park 

Medieval Times

Pump It Up (deal varies by location)

Six Flags 

Raging Waves Water Park

~ Have a great time celebrating!

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Comment by Jazelle on June 18, 2015 at 9:03pm

Thank you, Ashley!

Comment by Ashley Owen on June 18, 2015 at 4:58pm

These are great ideas to celebrate dad!

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