12 Easiest Ways To Treat Razor Bumps And Inflammation Caused By It

For most women, hair removal becomes a part of their daily lives. After all, they need to keep certain parts of their body hair-free and flawless. Often, their go-to method of hair removal is shaving because it is the easiest, efficient, cost-effective, and simplest way to do so.


While this hair removal method is the simplest and easiest of all, it does come with a few downside. The most common one would be razor bumps. These bumps are brought about by hair that has not been completely cut. As a result, the roots of the hair get stuck in the hair follicle which may cause inflammation and eventually, skin irritation.


Aside from the fact that they may cause unwanted complications, the ingrown hair and razor bumps are also unsightly and can make the skin area feel rougher. Because of this, you need to find a way to address this issue right away!


The Ways to Treat Razor Bumps

You're just in luck because we have compiled a few of the best razor bump treatments below. In fact, we have 12! Continue reading to discover what these treatments are!


  1.    Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Leaf is known for its antibacterial and antibiotic properties, which is effective in making sure that the inflammation caused by razor bumps will not lead to infection. In addition to that, it has astringent properties that can smoothen the affected skin area.


When using tea tree oil, you may wish to dilute it with water as the solution can be too strong for the sensitive skin. Mix equal parts of tea tree oil and water then dip a cotton ball in the solution. Apply it to the bumps. Another option is to enjoy a Tea Tree Oil bath or soak.


  1.    Apple Cider Vinegar

Because of its high nutritional value, this vinegar is an effective remedy for almost all skin disorders. One of the apple cider vinegar uses for skin is for treating razor bumps. The vinegar also has antibacterial properties that can relieve inflammation and itching and reduce the risk of infection.


When treating razor burns with apple cider vinegar, just simply dip a cotton ball into the vinegar. Apply it evenly on the affected skin. Allow the vinegar to dry out. Rinse it off with water then pat it dry.


  1.    Razor Bump Removal Products

Because of the increasing incidents of razor bumps, the experts have tried to develop products that can address this issue. Most of these products contain effective ingredients like salicylic acid and witch hazel in removing the ingrown hair.


  1.    Hydrocortisone Cream

If you have razor bumps, inflammation would be your main problem. Lucky for you, you can use topical products that contain hydrocortisone which can help in alleviating not just inflammation but also itching and redness that are also associated with these bumps.


You can apply a bit of the cream to the target area. Keep in mind that you should only use the cream for 1 to 3 days. If you use it longer than that, there is a risk that you may develop rashes.


  1.    Hot Compress

You can also use heat to shrink the inflammation or the bumps. The best way to do that is to use heat compress. If you don't have one, you can just dip a washcloth in a basin that contains hot water. Massage it into the skin afterward.


  1.    Aftershave Products

We all know that it is important to use aftershave products to calm and soothe irritated skin. When choosing aftershave products, make sure to go for ones that contain bacitracin and lidocaine. These ingredients can help prevent irritation and itching and also, kill bacteria that may cause unwanted infection.


  1.    Tweezer

Once the ingrown hair is already soft enough, the best thing that you can do is to manually and mechanically remove it. Just simply pluck the ingrown hair out. Just make sure that you clean and sterilize the tweezer first using rubbing alcohol to prevent unwanted complications.


  1.    Exfoliating Agents

Exfoliating your skin after shaving is a must. This is done to get rid of dead skin cells to achieve a smoother skin. When you have ingrown hair already, exfoliating can help remove the upper layer of the skin that is covering the ingrown hair, making it easy for you remove it anytime you want.


  1.    Aloe Vera

Just like most home remedies in this list, Aloe Vera also has healing and antibacterial properties that can soothe, disinfect and moisturize the skin.


Cut off a piece of aloe vera plant and extract its gel. Afterwards, apply the gel to the problem areas of your skin before and after shaving it.


  1.    Honey

This is another home remedy that can use to prevent infection and moisturize the skin. Apply honey to the affected area and allow it to stay on the skin for 5 minutes, Rinse it off with water and pat it dry.


  1.    Baby powder

If you do not have aftershave products on hand, then you can use baby powder as a substitute for it. The amazing thing about this option is that it works best for sensitive areas of the skin because of the soothing and cooling properties of the baby powder. The addition of baby powder to the skin can refresh the area and soothe the skin irritation that you are experiencing. It also smells amazing than most home remedies and aftershave products that you can find in the market.


All that you have to do is to sprinkle a bit of baby powder on the affected area then rub it gently.


  1.    Electrolysis

If all else fails, electrolysis can be your last resort. This uses a laser in removing unwanted hair growth and can help in removing ingrown hair for good. It is best that you consult with a dermatologist first before undergoing this procedure.


Hair-Free and flawless skin is what we all wish to achieve. However, razor bumps often get in the way of our dream skin. But finally, we have found the perfect solutions for them! Hope these tips help!

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