13 Important Steps To Launching Your New Blog With Confidence —

You've heard the saying “If you're going to do something, then do it right”.  When it comes to launching your new blog, “doing it right” isn't as simple as it sounds.

Too often, new bloggers throw together a free website and write a few short posts about random topics and wonder why no one is reading their posts.

Worse yet, they fill their sidebars with advertisements expecting to get rich overnight.

Instead, all those bloggers end up with is a rude awakening.

A few will take the time to figure out what they're doing wrong and shape their blog into something amazing (that would be me). The majority though, just give up, abandoning their hope-shot to the Blogosphere.

Don't be part of the majority!  

If you have been thinking of starting a profitable blog, then you absolutely CAN do it.  

You just need a little guidance and a plan.  I'm going to help you with both.

13 Steps To Launching Your New Blog With Confidence

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I’ve developed a pre-launch strategy that will help you:

Establish yourself as a professional in your niche
Get your target audience excited about your content
Add subscribers to your email list
Get traffic to your blog from Day 1
This is the same strategy I used to launch Next Level Blogging and one strategy that I teach to my coaching clients.  

Step #1 - Determine Your Niche

So, you want to start a new profitable blog, but what are you going to write about?

Before doing anything else you should determine your niche.  

Choose a topic (or niche) that you're passionate about, that other people will find interesting, too.

I know it's tempting to write about a lot of different things, assuming you’ll attract a larger audience. The opposite is actually true.

Readers want consistency, so they know where to turn for answers. Narrowing your niche before launching your new blog will actually provide the best results for gaining loyal readers.

[convertkit form=5152173]

Step #2 - Create A Target Reader Avatar

Once you've decided on a niche, who do you hope to attract with your blog?

Think about that one specific person that will love all of your stuff and find value in every post.

Creating a target reader avatar will help you create content and social media  marketing strategies that attract the right audience for your blog.

For specific instructions on creating an avatar check out How To Create Your Blog’s Target Reader Avatar.

If you know your audience before launching your new blog, you'll have no trouble creating great posts.

Step #3 - Choose A Self-hosted Website

Now that you've decided on your niche and who your blog will appeal to, it's time to choose a blogging platform.

This is one of the most important steps to establishing yourself as a professional. This decision will also impact your ability to earn money with your blog.

Even if you don't plan to monetize right away, a self-hosted website is important for building your brand.

Do not choose a free blogger platform like Wix, Blogger or WordPress.com.  These platforms leave you with limited features and limited growth potential.

Nothing screams newbie like a blogger without their own domain.

[ctt template="5" link="E1TO9" via="yes" ]Nothing screams"newbie" like a blogger without their own domain. #RealTalk[/ctt]

My Recommendation

Who should you choose to host your new blog? I recommend using IPage.

I've been using IPage to host Next Level Blogging since the beginning and cannot say enough good things about them.

With IPage’s WordPress Essentials package, you’ll get:

Free custom domain
Speeds up to 60% faster
Enhanced security
24/7 live chat, email and phone support
WordPress experts to answer questions
Free marketing tools
30 day money-back guarantee
Get your new self-hosted website from IPage now.

If you perform this step before launching your new blog you'll save yourself the hassle of switching later.

Step #4 - Choose The Right Domain Name

Your domain name should represent your blog’s brand.  In other words, choose a domain name that represents your specific niche.  

Keep these points in mind when choosing your domain name:

Choose a .com if possible
Make sure it's easy to spell
Make it easy to remember
Should be relevant to your brand

Vanity Domain

Many bloggers are choosing their own name as a domain name.  

This is a great option, especially if you're having trouble coming up with a .com version of your desired name.  Using your name is also a good choice if you're planning to offer coaching, design or other services.

Using your own name also leaves the option open to change your niche in the future without purchasing a new domain.

Create A Freebie Opt In

The most effective way to build your email list is to offer your audience a freebie of some kind.  This is especially effective as a pre-launch strategy.

Think of something relevant to your niche that you can turn into a useful checklist, worksheet or other PDF download of some kind.

Your opt in will be used to give your potential audience a taste of what to expect from your blog. Make it count!

Step #5 - Start An Email List

Now that you have something of value to offer your future audience, you'll need a way to collect emails.

If you follow all of my steps, you'll have a Coming Soon page with a built in sign up form. You'll learn more about the Coming Soon page in the next step.

Collecting emails is important for your growth, but it only matters if you plan to use them.  You'll need an email management tool to communicate effectively with your list.

I use and recommend ConvertKit. ConvertKit is made specifically for bloggers, and created by bloggers. They offer tools not available elsewhere and make organizing your list a snap.  

You can  also create sign up forms and landing pages with ConvertKit that integrate easily with WordPress.

Get a free trial of ConvertKit now.

Step #6 - Use The Right Coming Soon Page

Your WordPress website comes with a generic Coming Soon page but you don't want generic.

Download the free Coming Soon by Supsystic and create a beautiful coming soon page that promotes email signups.

With this free plugin you get premium features like:

Built in sign up form to collect email addresses
Social sharing buttons
Countdown timer to get readers excited about your launch
Image or logo upload
Change colors and fonts to match branding
Just add your free opt-in to your sign up form and you'll start building your email list before your blog launches!

Step #7 - Create Enough Content

Before your blog goes live, you should write at least four epic posts.  These posts should be written to impress, specifically for your target reader.

Each of these posts should:

Contain 2000 words or more
Include at least one pinnable, branded image
Include a content upgrade or free opt in offer to promote email sign ups
Include social share buttons
If you need help with this step check out these related posts:

How To Create An Epic Blog Post Every Time
5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Pinterest Image
One Free Tool That Will Explode Your Blog’s Growth
Remember, these posts are your readers' first impression of your blog.  Build reader loyalty from the start by writing great content.

Step #8 - Create A Professional Website

While your Coming Soon page is up, you should be creating a professional website on the back end.

Don't skimp on this step. Your website design should be user friendly and promote email conversions.

Your Home Page

Design a Home page that includes a CTA (call to action) before the fold, or before the reader has to scroll.

Include information on your home page that tells the reader what problem you're going to solve for them and why you're qualified to help them.

In addition to your Home page, your website should include a Blog page, About page and Contact page, at minimum.


Choose 2-3 colors for your palette and a font pair that is easy to read and looks professional.

For posts, black print on white background is easiest to read. Make sure your paragraph font is set to at least 16 pixels, since anything smaller is hard to read.

These are just a few suggestions for creating a professional looking website.

If you want to create beautiful custom website pages, try the free page builder plugin, Elementor.

Learn more about Elementor here.

Step #9 - Get Active On Facebook

Social media is a bloggers best friend for finding your audience.  

Facebook is usually the first platform I recommend to clients. Facebook is still the most popular platform and offers so many ways to connect.

Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page for your blog will help you start connecting with people that will be interested in your new blog.

When creating your page, there are a few things that are key for growth.

Page Name

In your page settings, update your page name to your blog name (or as close as you can). Branding your page name makes it easy for your page to be found.

Sign Up Button

You can edit the button on your page to link to your sign up form.  This will increase engagement and build your email list at the same time.

Share Tips And Quotes

Since your blog is still under construction, start sharing relevant tips, photos and quotes. Posting once or twice a day is sufficient.

Don't forget to mention your upcoming blog and ask for email signups so page followers can be notified once you go live.

Ask For Likes

Once your page is active and has a few posts, invite friends that are interested in your niche to like your new page.

Facebook Groups

Join a few Facebook groups for bloggers that offer Facebook page promotion threads. You'll connect with other bloggers and get page likes, post reactions, comments and shares.

Get started now by joining the Next Level Bloggers group.

You should also search and join groups relevant to your niche.

Don't get in there with the sole purpose of promoting your blog.  Instead, start joining in conversations and answering questions in these groups.

You'll build authority and establish yourself as an expert. When the opportunity arises, then promote your page or blog.

Step #10 - Get Active On Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for finding your audience and connecting with other bloggers in your niche.

Search industry-related hashtags to find influencers in your niche to follow.

Start engaging with Twitter users and retweeting posts relevant to your niche. Tweet about your upcoming blog and ask followers to retweet. You can extend your reach significantly with retweets.

I've created a free 5-day email course that will walk you through everything you need to know about being successful on Twitter. Don't miss out on all of the awesome features available to help you launch your blog successfully.

Enroll in my free Twitter course now.

Step #11 - Host A Giveaway

If you really want to build your list before you launch, host a giveaway.

Everyone loves free stuff, and the prize doesn't have to be anything expensive to be successful.

The key to a successful giveaway is to offer something niche-specific. You want email signups from people that will actually be interested in your content, otherwise it's a waste of time.

Rafflecopter is an easy-to-use and free tool for giveaways. It helps you keep track of entries and will draw a random winner to keep it legit.

You'll build your email list and build excitement about your new blog.  Double win!

Step #12 - Host A Launch Party

When you're ready to go live, host a launch party.

Go live on your Facebook page and introduce yourself and new blog personally. This is a great time to announce giveaway winners, too.

If you're going to host a launch party, be sure to announce it several times on Facebook and Twitter, and include the date and time on your coming soon page.

It's a celebration! Your new blog is going live!

Step #13 - Blog Coaching

Hiring a blogging coach to help you launch your new blog will improve your chances of success.

A coach will walk you through these steps and more including:

helping with the technical aspects
Creating a cool opt-in
Building an email sales funnel
Determining ways to monetize
I actually take it a step further for my clients.  I'll extend your audience reach by sharing your launch party with the Next Level Blogging followers. That's thousands of extra people that will be notified of your blog's launch!

If you follow these 13 Steps To Launching Your New Blog With Confidence, you'll have traffic on your blog from Day One.

If you’d like more details on implementing these steps or learning more about building a profitable blog, I offer one-on-one coaching services.

Schedule a free consultation now and learn how I can help you make your blog a success from the start.

Your Turn

If you're getting ready to launch your blog, be sure to pin this post so you can refer to it later.

Now that you know what it takes to launch your new blog with confidence, tell me what you think.

Did these tips help? Do you have another strategy that you've used in the past?  Leave a comment below and share your answers.

Don't forget to share this post on social media for other prospective bloggers.

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