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13 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed

Every parent wants their child to be smart in class. They want them to pass their exams and move to the next grade. It’s important for them to give their children all the support they need to excel academically. As a parent, you’re the first teacher to your kid. They learn to say their first words, mama and papa, from you. Being involved with their schooling is one of the best things you can ever do to your child. You need to know these thirteen ways parents can help their children succeed.

1. Visit Your Child’s School and Their Website

One of the ways you can connect with your child is by knowing how the school buildings and grounds are planned so that you be able to talk to them about school. Know the location of your child’s classroom and find the school’s info on their website.

2. Teach Your Kids Some Study Skills

No one loves tests, and your kids are probably scared when an exam is on the corner. There is no escape, so they have to study. Prepare your child for the exam’s days before, not the night before. You can help your kids during social study exam by making them learn school social studies curriculum together with you. And show them how to break the tasks into smaller chunks and tell them that exams should be enjoyable.

3. Be Positive to Your Kids

If you tell your kids that studies aren’t easy and you failed, they will say, “Well, if dad or mom failed, it’s no big deal if I fail also.” Don’t tell them that you were not good, or you didn’t like school. Encourage and motivate them to be better.

4. Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

It’s common for schools to hold a parent-teacher conference at least twice annually. That’s the time to know your child’s progress, what they need, and connect with their teachers more. Send the teacher a short note if you can’t meet.

5. Apply for Special Services if Needed

If you think that your child needs a home teacher because he has learning problems or a basketball coach to teach him how to shoot a basketball, please go ahead. Check with the school if they have any available options.

6. Teach Them How to Organize Themselves

When kids organize themselves, they tend to focus on the task at hand instead of paying attention to less useful things. For instance, you can keep track of their homework and tell your kid there will be no TV or video gaming before completing assignments.

7. Make Them Attend School

It’s okay for your kid to skip school if he or she is seriously sick. It’s also okay for kids with some certain complications to have sick days. But if your kid’s health is fine, you better make them go to school every day until it’s over.

8. Volunteer at Your Child’s School

Teachers get excited when a parent volunteer in their school. There are so many things you can do. You can clean the classes, contribute to your child’s lessons, or work at the library.

9. Ask Your Children About School Every Day

It’s good to ask your child how school was that day, the challenges they experienced, and whether they have any homework. Let them know you are paying attention to how they are doing in school.

10. Compliment Your Kids

When your kids perform well in class or pass their exams, show them that you appreciate their efforts. You can treat them out or allow them to play their favorite video games.

If your kids fail in the exams, appreciate them and tell them that you still love them and assure them that they can improve.

11. Share Your Concerns with The School

Is your child not performing at school? Is he or she involved in fights with fellow students? Does he or she complain about the teachers and administrator? Those are the things that you should ask the school admin to pay attention to.

12. Encourage Them to Learn While at Home

Whenever your kids are free, tell them to go to study and read some books. Don’t allow them to spend all their free time on TV or video gaming.

13. Learn about Your Rights

As a parent, it’s vital to know your rights in regard to special services, immigration status, English instruction and many more.


As a parent, you have more impact on your child than their teacher. However, take the teacher seriously and appreciate their role in your children’s lives.

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