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Okay, okay, here it is, that time of year again to set New Year resolutions and….break New Year resolutions. Blah! I’m not doing it that way this year. First, I’m going to do away with the whole “resolution” thing and I’m going to set goals. Why? Quite simple, a resolution is a resolve or determination while a goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed. It is an aim or an end. See, that’s why we are so fired up in the beginning of the year with our resolutions because it is a feeling of determination that drives us, but we don’t need to be driven, we need results, we need to bring finality to that which we start. Are you with me? We are going to set goals, focus and aim.  

Please, don’t get me wrong. It’s great to be determined, but determination can change and die with time, like many of our ideas and hopes for ourselves. One minute, we are excited, ready to grab life by the horns, then the next minute, we can’t remember what we were doing. Therefore, we fall right back into normalcy, without a change. By setting goals, we are aiming for a result, an end to that which we start. I thought pretty hard the last few weeks of 2012, about the goals I want to set for 2013. Many wants and desires came to mind, but everything I imagined was not something I wanted to make a goal. Yes, I want to be more organized, I want to stop procrastinating, and pay all bills on time. Sure, I want to hit the gym more often than less, but all these things are not goals, they are necessities to have a smoother, better life and things I should be doing anyway. With that, I set three goals for 2013 for myself:

1.       Dedicate and focus on business by giving the proper time and resources toward Marketing, Networking, and Research.  I have no desire to work for anyone again, except myself; therefore, whatever is necessary for me to succeed I need to put triple effort into it. I have given many hours to other’s ventures, companies and corporations, and helped many prosper in the process. The energy, dedication, and loyalty that I have given to another man’s business to thrive are the same, if not more than, that I have to put into my own. My goal for the year’s end is for my business to not only be operating smoothly, but booming and producing a substantial profit.

2.        Increase relationship/time with God by a daily, dedicated prayer and study time. I love the Lord, I pray daily, and I go to church on Sunday but I know the difference between relationship and religion. I have been so inexcusably busy, that I lost focus on my daily prayer and study time with God. Everything else I find a way to do, but when it comes to settling down, to spend QT with God, somehow I’m too tired, or just plain forget. I don’t want to go into 2013 talking to God when I need something, or when I lie down to sleep at night, or while driving along in my car, I want to have a personal date with him, where I can speak candidly and feel unrushed. My goal is to start off with 30 minutes a day and increase to one hour, just me and Jesus.

3.       Save and invest money more wisely. I love to shop for clothes, shoes, doggie stuff, house wares, "unneccessaries" for my daughter, you call it, but I do it all within bargains. However, a lot of times, it is on items that are unneeded. Because I appreciate a good sale, it is extremely difficult for me to pass one up, but a little spending here and a little spending there, can lead to a lot of lack everywhere. In 2013, I am going to put more money away into savings and spend money when it is needed. My goal is to consistently set aside a predetermined percentage of my earned income every month.

That’s it, three goals to complete for the upcoming year. These goals are continual and should prove to be beneficial by the year’s end. Now, it’s your turn. Don’t set your goals too high or make ridiculous to achieve. You know yourself and you know what you are capable and committed to do. Go for what you know. You have one more day to bask in this year before it is gone.  Love it, enjoy it, and be proud of what you did it in, because 2013 is now upon you, to capture your goals and be proud of yourself. When is the time for you to succeed? Now. When is the time for you to prosper? Now. When is the time for you to be happy? Now. When is the time for you to work on your dreams, hopes, and aspirations? Now. When is the time? Now. Ready? Set. Goal!
Carica E.

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