3 Amazing Energy Resources to Boost Intuition and Self-healing

Intuition has been given many names such as divine interference, spiritual guidance, gut feeling, urge, impulse, inspiration, imagination, luck, synchronicity, and coincidence, but in fact, it is as simple as the higher self gently guiding us to align with our highest potential and path.

Many seekers are focused on developing the pineal gland, or commonly known as the third eye without fully understanding what’s really at stake here – intuition is not a mysterious gift bestowed upon the special selected few, we are all born intuitive’s and at any second, we have the ability to tap into the infinite wisdom of the higher self. However, without properly raising our frequency and releasing the energy blockages that can manifest as expectations, doubt, or impatience, it can feel challenging for one to fully access intuition.

We cannot acquire intuition because we already have that muscle, but we can use the following three tips to boost it.

1. Embrace the Emotions

Any emotion is a direct communication from our internal guidance system and we are all born with the ability to feel. A joyous emotion indicates we are onto something expansive and a crappy emotion is very much like the dead end sign or the U-turn signal on the highway showing us “this isn’t the way.”

To cultivate that part of our intuition, it helps if we have the awareness to acknowledge, and be comfortable with our emotions without wanting to run away. There is nothing to be feared in feeling a certain way; it is only the higher self attempting communication so we can adjust our course. Likewise, when something makes us burst with excitement, run after it with flowers and balloons because it means whatever we are thinking, saying or doing is aligned with our highest path.

2. Self-Healing and Take Care of Our Energy

We are beings of energy, and intuition becomes more effortless when we can heal our energy blockages and raise our vibration. Feeding the physical body with healthy and high frequency foods as well as clean water without fluoride while getting good rest and exercise is a start; nourishing our emotional, mental and spiritual aspects with love, gratitude and compassion is also a must.

While emotions such as anger and fear are intuitive messages themselves, dwelling in those states for prolonged periods of time without working through, and shifting the beliefs that created them can lower our vibration.

The lower the vibration, the more clogged our intuitive channels become and the harder it is for us to notice intuitive guidance. Though it is impossible for intuition to disappear, it is possible for us to become so clouded with stagnant and distorted energy patterns that we feel like we have been cut off from our intuition.

According to Juliet Tang, intuitive mentor who had a private energy healing and teaching practice in New York, energy healing modalities such as Reiki, crystal and sound healing, flower essence, aromatherapy, herbs, and acupuncture can all help us cleanse our energy and raise our vibration. Committing to our own personal healing and growth helps us release those heavy energy patterns that otherwise shadow our inner guidance.

3. Inner Guidance Comes From Silence

Other than the tons of health benefits resulting from a regular meditation or mindfulness practice, meditation is one of the easiest ways for us to connect with our intuition for the simple reason that the human mind, with all its past conditioning and programming tends to have a loud mouth when it is untamed.

The voice of intuition is a quiet and subtle one that is heard in silence. The minute we become the silent observer who can observe the thoughts in a nonjudgmental fashion rather than being a loud and engaged participant, we are stepping out of the mind and into that place of stillness where intuition lies.

Other than sitting meditation, there are many ways to practice mindfulness which is literally dropping into the present moment of whatever is going on without resistance. There is no requirement for any special ritual, location or spiritual practice for us to bring presence into life.

An easy way to practice mindfulness at any time is to simply dedicate 100% of our attention to the thing we are doing at the moment and engage all of our senses. The more we practice presence, the easier it becomes to silence the mental chatter, and the more noticeable our intuition becomes. In doing so, we are not only living in the flow, but also more in-tune with the inner voice within.

Know that we are all born with intuition and it cannot be taken from us. When we commit ourselves to a journey of self-healing and expansion, we boost our intuition and step into more alignment.

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