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3 Hiking Accessories You Should Test Before Heading Out

When it comes to hiking gear and accessories, the size of the gear does not matter. The important part is if it will hold up to what it intends to help you with. This can be determined by testing your gear before you head out on your adventure. Sure, hiking products get tested after being manufactured, but that does not mean you should trust the testing methods used.

No matter what type of hiking you prefer, whether it’s climbing a mountain or discovering a hideaway waterfall, it is essential to have the right accessory type. When you have the right accessories during times of trouble, you will easily handle the situation. Even if you are new to hiking or are seasoned, it is vital to have essential gear for your type of hike. The following three hiking accessories should constantly be tested before you head out.

1. Test your Backpack and your “Stuff Sack”

A stuff sack is designed to keep any hiking gear protected and dry within your main pack. It also helps keep your pack organized and allows for fast and straightforward packing because of the individual spaces for clothes and other essential items. This is great so that you don’t have much to shift around. A stuff sack furnishes a dry environment that is more functional than any current style of rain cover.

A great example of what we’re talking about is the Dyneema Composite Fabrics Stuff Sack. It is a very light roll-top that provides waterproof protection and can take a pounding from various elements. Although it is waterproof, this does not mean it can be submerged underwater. It can prevent items from getting wet outside of being underwater. With the drawstring version, it too is waterproof to a degree but better suited for hikers who prefer an alternative that is compact and workable by comparison.

Better yet are the Stuff Sack Pods. These zipper design pods are beyond the light, can be stacked, and very adjustable. Made from the same fabric as the others, the pod is placed within a pack’s wall without any space.

2. Test your Headlamp

Testing your headlamp before you head out will guarantee that you will see any dark surroundings. No matter which model you acquire, you need to ensure that its brightness is sufficient for the type of area you will be hiking. Also, ensure that it is strong enough and emits at least 320 lumens. This much will permit the light to shine for a minimum of 60 meters.

Ensure that its overall functionality is also good. If your headlamp has multi-brightness, ensure that each brightness level works and replace it if necessary. If it has been a while since you have used your headlamp, make sure that it remains waterproof. Usually, you want it to be able to withstand 25-30 minutes submerged a meter deep.

3. Test your Hydration Source

A hydration source, bottle, mug, or “bladder” can be a determining factor for survival as well as maintaining your hydration while hiking. But you will benefit only if it does its job of holding the amount of water it is designed to hold. As you inspect it, make sure that it has no signs of mold growth or unusual smells. One of the best hacks for outdoor adventures and to keep it dry and bacteria-free is by keeping the cap off to air dry. If not, then you can plan to get a new replacement.

Check the valve and its magnetism and ensure its clip is in good working order as you connect it to its sternum. Also, make sure that the hose stays secured not to come loose while hiking rough terrain. Test the lock and ensure that it slides properly as it locks, not to drip or leak its contents. Ensure that the frame is crack-free, and the handle is in one piece and does not fall apart as it gets filled. Ensure that the clip within the sleeve is the correct size to clip and secure the bladder. When this is all good, check the hangar and make sure it is in one piece and easily rotates so that drying can be accomplished quickly.

Now that you know three hiking accessories that you need to test, hopefully, they will be in good working order for you and don’t require much maintenance beforehand.

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