3 Natural Ways to Balance Post Pregnancy Diet & Body Needs


Now that your baby is here, and you’re enjoying your post pregnancy life of being a mommy. This is incredible feeling and you are living a fast-paced life where you’ve to take care a lot of things, especially your food habit and diet to fulfil your body needs.

When you become a mom of a new born baby its necessary to have a balanced diet with rich vitamins, proteins, minerals, iron, calcium and omega-3s. It will help your body system to recover from childbirth and give your child the required nutrients.

A mother’s body undergoes enormous physical and hormonal changes post-delivery.  Your body requires about 300 calories additionally for breastfeeding the new born. You’ve to take care of your baby and your own health as well

A balanced and natural diet is a complete source of all things required the postpartum.

Focus on healthy eating and it will not only help you in losing weight but keeping your body healthy. You also need to exercise your body in routine to get in shape. Here are healthy food habits for post pregnancy diet and body needs:

1. A Balanced Diet & Healthy Food is What Your Body Need

Low Fat Dairy Products: Dairy products milk, yogurt, and cheese are essential part of diet during breastfeeding. These are excellent source of protein, calcium, and B vitamins. The baby will absorb calcium from breastmilk, which is essential for bone development.

Even if you feel like reaching out for desert, it’s good to consume yogurt. Mix some chopped fruit and nuts and place it in the freezer and satisfy your craving for sweet. It will also help you in weight loss post pregnancy.


Green Vegetables: Green veggies are great source of vitamins A and C, dietary calcium, and iron. Green vegetables are low in calories and heart-healthy antioxidants. Consume more leafy greens such as spinach, beans, lotus stem, and other seasonal veggies.

Pulses: These are primary source of a well-balanced diet with protein, fibre, minerals, and vitamins. Pulses also help in preventing accumulating fat in the body.

Brown Rice: Having whole grain carbs such as brown rice in your diet will help boosting energy level in your body.  Consuming brown rice provide you and your baby with essential calories.


Salmon: Salmon is a nutritional powerhouse for new moms. It is a major source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is useful and paramount for your baby’s nervous system development as well as for the growth of baby’s brain and eyes. Making salmon a part of your weekly diet (one or two servings a week) will help in the development of healthy heart, blood vessels, and immune system.

Consuming more oily fish during and after post pregnancy will help passing nutrients to the new born while breastfeeding.

Whole Grain Cereals: When a new mom spent a sleepless night while taking care of her baby, it gets essential to have a high energy food in the breakfast. Whole grain cereals are the best food for breakfast and boosting energy.

It is the perfect food for new moms. Get the essential nutrients and vitamins for the whole day by mixing blueberries and skim milk with oatmeal.

Drink More Water: Breastfeeding moms can’t take the risk of energy-draining dehydration. Drinking water and fruit juices on regular intervals is necessary to keep your milk production up and energy well-maintained. Drink some water before you start eating your meal.


Fruits & Nuts: Fruits are pure gifts from mother nature. Fruits like Apple, oranges and dry nuts like almonds are the most natural way to heal your body post pregnancy. Citrus are excellent food for breastfeeding and a major source of vitamin C.

However, if you gain too much weight during pregnancy, then you can also try some weight loss supplements for women crafted by moms with love!

2. Things to Avoid When Breastfeeding

Don’t binge-eat!

It is equally important to avoid certain things from your postpartum diet as you need to have a balanced diet plan. Here are the things that you better avoid for keeping yourself and baby healthy.

Avoid Spicy & Oily Foods, Stop Eating Outside    

Sometimes you feel for eating some spicy meal, but you should avoid consuming spicy food. It is not good for your baby’s health. Exclude spicy food especially street food from your postnatal diet and eat only healthy food.

Garlic, peanuts, chilies, Oily gassy food and fried snacks you should avoid. These can cause plenty of allergic reactions and it is best to keep these out of your diet plan. Oily food leads to fat accumulation in your body as it is heavy to digest.

Similarly, too much spicy food is not good for nursing mom and it can damage baby’s intestines and the bloodstream.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Avoid alcohol and caffeine even if you feel exhausted. Consuming alcohol and caffeine can lead to weakness, drowsiness, and unusual weight gain in the baby. Even if you’ve stopped breastfeeding, you need to go easy on alcohol and caffeine and avoid it as much as you can.

However, to get rid from your tiredness, you can have a steaming cup of green tea. It will refresh you and boost the energy level as well.

But you can consume healthy drinks such as all-natural whey protein powder for women. Always consult your doctor or diet nutrition before making a healthy diet plan.

No Street Food, Eat at Home

Stop eating outside for some time, especially the street food or junk food. It is obvious, and you may get tempted to have something spicy and tangy, but it good to keep your craving in control for some time.

Eating outside can tempt you to food which is no good for yours and your baby’s health. Stick to the natural diet and eating at home is the best way to get it.

3. A Regular Exercise to Keep Yourself Fit

Obviously, you’ve gained some extra pound post pregnancy and you want to get in shape as soon as possible.

A regular exercise will help you lose the extra weight and reduce backaches, constipation and bloating. Routine exercise and taking some yoga classes will help you lifting your spirits and improves your body posture. Also, it is helpful in improving your muscle tone and strength.

You can always start with walking and it will help you talking better sleep. Try brisk walk for twenty-thirty minutes every day. Taking yoga classes are great to get in shape and it is fun to join.

But you should consult your doctor to start exercising.

These are the best and natural ways to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

Healthy food is a way of life. However, there are other ways to get the required fat burning supplements for women post pregnancy such as good quality whey protein. You can get the similar benefits from ready-to-eat supplement products to balance your diet post pregnancy.

Author Bio :

Nicole Waiz is a health adviser & nutritionist. Apart from these freelancing activities, she has a very keen interest in reading books & spending time at the tennis court.

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