It is no secret that moms are very busy. Whether they work full time, stay at home, or do a combination of both moms’ days are typically jam-packed . When kids are young moms are generally charged with kids’ schedules, extracurricular activities as well as household duties like meal decisions, even doctor and dentist appointments. As much as many of us long to have progressive gender roles in our families as well as  (and many do) moms are oftentimes left to fulfill most domestic duties by That’s why when you desperately need a chance to unwind, relax, and simply get some sleep you should take some “me time”.

Here are simple ways moms can take a few moments for themselves when life gets in the way and a bit too hectic. 

Shift Your Sleep Cycle

It is so easy for moms to want to stay up late after the kids are finally asleep. Great television shows and binge watching can take up a lot of sleep time. Additionally, things like getting ready for the next day or preparing for work also take up valuable time. 

You might want to consider shifting your sleep cycle to start your day earlier by going to bed earlier as well. Most adults need at least eight hours of sleep per night. It may vary depending on how much sleep you personally need. Waking up early when your kids are still sleeping and you are refreshed can give you a sense of accomplishment when planning and preparing your day. Plus, when you get more sleep at night you are more productive during the day. Waking up earlier is a perfect way to get some alone time to read, exercise, or even to meditate. 

Schedule Girls Nights Out or In

Making time for your best friends can provide a positive jolt in your life. Finding a balance between family and friends is a skill that moms should implement as much as possible because there is nothing better than having a great meal and drinks with your girlfriends when out and about town. You can do things like check out a new restaurant like the local vegan place that just opened and indulge in sipping premium cocktails with new-to-market spirits. If that’s not your thing you and your friends can schedule time to peruse book stores and shopping malls and then stop off for a delicious cappuccino or cup of tea. It all depends on what you and your friends love to do on your girls night out

Don’t forget that it might even be easier for you and a lot cheaper to invite friends over. It is so much fun to entertain in the comfort of your own home by cooking one of your favorite meals and pre-ordering naked wines that you can order wholesale and have delivered to your doorstep. In fact, inviting friends over may be the best option where all of your mom friends can relax and eat great food at the same time. The important thing is to make time for your friends outside of play dates or kids sports. 

Start a Hobby

Taking your mind away from everything you have to do and replacing them with some of the things you love to do can help you unwind. Choosing a brand-new hobby or reacquainting yourself with a long-time hobby that you have given up is a perfect way to relax during your day. There are so many hobbies that you can take up that nurture your sensibilities and can even make you healthier. 

A hobby for you may be gardening or joining a running club. You may begin keeping a journal, blogging, or getting crafty by crocheting or knitting. Additionally, other hobbies can be putting together puzzles and lego sets, traveling more or taking up something like sailing or skydiving. It’s just a matter of what you love to do. 

Taking time for yourself is crucial for having a fulfilling life. The key is to enhance the quality of your life and not always the quantity of things you can get done during the day. 

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