3 Vital Items You Need to Bring Every Time You Leave the House

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There are moments when you think you can stay all day inside and not worry about rushing to any appointments. But circumstances can suddenly arise where you are compelled to run out of your house, condo, or apartment. Maybe it’s an emergency. Maybe it’s an appointment you forgot to schedule. While watching TV or surfing online, maybe you find out that your favorite band in the world is having a surprise gig in your neighborhood.

Any of these things and more can zap you out the door and in the streets. But no matter how urgent the matter at hand is, there are essential items you need to bring with you no matter what. You might need the following list more if you are the forgetful or absent-minded type. But it wouldn’t hurt if you’re just cautious in nature and want to have all your bases covered in every possible circumstance. That includes unexpected times when you have to go outside and in a hurry.

Mobile Phone

It’s ridiculous how people are practically useless without their mobile phone. Whole social commentaries and behavior studies have in-depth analyses of the modern people’s attachment to their mobile phones. But the fact remains: mobile phones have become vital tools for survival. If you forget to bring everything but your phone, you will be okay.

You get lost? Check your location on your phone. You don’t have money to get home? Call a friend or a car service. If you have linked your credit card to your phone, then you are all set. You won’t be helpless outside your house even if you only have your phone with you.

Wallet and Keys

Even though your phone, by itself, pretty much got your back, it won’t hurt to bring your wallet as well. Aside from credit cards and money, it contains your IDs, which are necessary to enter some establishments or use some services. One thing you can never leave behind, though, are your keys. It’s always troublesome when you leave your keys inside.

You will have to call for a locksmith to open your locks before you can finally go home. If you don’t want other people to open your door, you can always buy a trusty lock pick set and just work on your lock yourself. Just be sure to change your locks afterward. Of course, you can avoid all this trouble if you just remember to bring your keys with you every time you leave your house.

Cap, Umbrella, or Other Types of Head Cover

You might think any kind of head covering is unnecessary, bothersome, or lame. But given the situation of the earth right now, with all its unpredictable weather and harsh elements, head covering is yet another protection to your body and—ultimately–your health. You can’t afford to jeopardize your health at any time. If you can help it, do whatever it takes to protect yourself from elements that can make you sick such as rain, too much sun, or more.

This is a short list – and understandably so. You can’t expect yourself to a number of other specific items if you’re rushing out, can you? If you have the basics in your person all the time, then you won’t have to worry about getting lost, running out of money, or risking your health.

The important thing is you remember to bring these items with you every time. For a forgetful person, it will be more challenging if you have the habit of changing bags to match your outfit or mood for the day. It helps if you have a drawer, cabinet, or counter near your entrance door, where you can store the above items. 

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