No matter what anyone tells you everyone who blogs wants to increase their readership numbers. After all, who wants to toil away at blogging and their unique visits remain in the low double digits? No one! Here are a few simple tactics you can use to make sure readers return to your blog after they have visited for the first time.

An Attractive Design – Professionally designed blogs have a far greater chance of garnering return visitors. Why? Readers are more attracted to blogs that are aesthetically appealing. That goes for everything, really. People like pretty. Readers also appreciate bloggers (although perhaps unconsciously) who are conscientious enough to plunk down cash for a professional design tailored to their likes and overall blog theme. When readers run across a well-designed blog, they instinctively know the blogger has invested a lot in their blog and coming back day after day won’t be a wasted trip.

That said, it’s not lost on us that everyone cannot afford a professionally designed blog. If that’s the case for you make sure to keep your sidebars clear of clutter and above all else, make sure you know how to properly resize photos and your color scheme doesn’t make people’s eyes throb. Want to find colors that work well together? Visit Color’s Schemer’s Color Gallery. They have done all the work for you by matching colors based on the color wheel; you just have to find a color scheme you like and incorporate it into your blog. So easy! And your readers will thank you.

One Show Stopper – Oftentimes you will come across a blog that has one major graphical element that makes you immediately stop and read more. Oftentimes that is a great logo or well-designed banner. Whatever you do, make sure your blog is unforgettable. 

A Creative “About” Page – We love reading creative “About” pages, don’t you? Bloggers who think about who they are and are introspective enough to break themselves down into one or two paragraphs all the while remaining creative are some of the best bloggers out there. You can usually tell a blogger’s writing style after a quick glimpse of their “About” page. You will instantly know if they are snarky and hilarious or more subdued..

Readers like to know a little about the bloggers they read every day, so while it is not necessary to reveal every ounce of your personality, readers respond to bloggers who give a little of themselves and let people into their lives a bit. A well-written “About” page is a great place to start.

Help Your Readers - Blog readers are a busy bunch and if most people are anything like us, they go from one blog to the next in fairly rapid succession. In truth, you could incorporate all of the aforementioned tactics on your blog and you will still find your returning visitors count remain low. It is your duty to help potential readers remember to come back and visit.

At the top of your blog be sure to put a bookmark button or sign-up form for email subscriptions so people can bookmark or sign up for daily posts, instead of having them hunt for a way to stay in touch. That way, although a brand-new reader may not come back every day, at least they have a way to remember who you are.

Do you have a tip to help mom bloggers retain more first-time visitors? Share them below.

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