36 Weeks Pregnant: Things Are Getting Serious

It’s so weird for me to say that we’re basically full term. I’m over 36 weeks and have been having (minor) contractions since last Friday. And at this point, if I go into labor, baby will come.

My mind and my body feel like they are in this weird state of anxiety over waiting for baby to arrive, plus shock over the fact that in a few weeks, my year and a half as a pregnant woman will come to an end.

I’m soaking up all of my “eat what I want while I’m pregnant” days that I still can. In fact, I just pulled a handful of Twix minis out of our Easter candy stash. Don’t worry – there’s still tons of candy left for Ricky!

On Tuesday, I had this mini meltdown that involved running to Target to pick up all of those last-minute hospital things that you don’t think about until you absolutely need them. Like hair binders, chapstick and…Gatorade and Fig Newtons. When it comes to labor & delivery, there’s no screwing around. We need snacks...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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