4 Affordable Adventures for Outdoor Fun This Summer

Now that the summer months have finally arrived it is time to start planning your outdoor adventures after months of being cooped up due to the COVID-19 quarantine. There is so much to do once the weather becomes more sunny and agreeable and the days grow longer. It’s hard not to want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. But, in these uncertain times, families have to be realistic and not spend too much on a summer vacation. 

Here are four fun outdoor activities you and your family can do together this summer to get back in the swing of things and also not break the bank.

Go Hiking 

Two of the most underused and extremely affordable resources in America are its national parks and forests. There are national parks and forests in each state to take advantage of and that offer activities from kayaking to archery to camping to hiking. This website will give you archery 101 before you get to the parks.  

Peruse your state’s website to see not only national, but state parks as well. You will be surprised by all of the summer outdoor activities you and your family can enjoy. Make sure to keep up with their social media and calendars because throughout the year, park rangers offer activities that kids and adults both will love. For example, you can camp out under the stars or learn about the various animals and insects that live in the natural habitat. But the main attraction for most people is simply to go on a hike. All it takes is your time, some stamina, good shoes, and a backpack full of water and food and you can walk all day. National parks and forests are great about letting visitors know how difficult a hiking trail is. Do your research and then spend quality time in nature. 

Get Thee To The Beach

If you and your family are like most, the beach is a must for a summer vacation. Even if you are not close to either coasts, most states have large lakes with beaches. Wherever you go this summer make sure the beach is on your list. There is something about large bodies of water that is just great for your soul. 

Beach travel can get to be a bit pricey during the summer, though. Right now before more people are traveling, take advantage of hotel rates that are steeply discounted while they are waiting for the throngs of beach goers to eventually show up. Research and plan now and beat the summer beach crowds. 

Start a Vegetable and Herb Garden 

You might think you need a farmer’s touch to start a vegetable and herb garden, but it is so easy even you would be surprised. You can start fast-growing vegetables like peppers and squash from seeds or you can buy small plants at your local garden store. Herbs like mint and rosemary, for example, grow extremely fast. In fact, most herbs grow quickly during the summer months. It is incredibly easy to find organic herbs to start your plantings at your local garden center. Even Whole Foods sells organic herbs. We recommend starting with a container garden or even a raised garden at first so you can get a hang of how various vegetables and 

Plan Your Road Trip 

Even after months and months of quarantine life, it is getting to the point where states are finally reopening and life is beginning to resume. That means travel is starting anew as well. While you might not feel comfortable heading to far-flung reaches of the globe on an airplane just yet you and your family can still have a nice family vacation that will be filled with untold memories. 

Instead of flying, stay relatively local with a road trip and visit your nearest beach as aforementioned or even the mountains where it is so much cooler in the summer or even your closest big city. Car trips can be so much fun for the entire family. Learn more about how they can improve the quality of your life. Make a real vacation out of it. Don’t rush and do things like spend time exploring small towns on your journey. Stop in and have a bite to eat at local restaurants that need so much of our dollars these days. Make a point of visiting and reading historic markers whenever and wherever you get a chance and find some out-of-the way stops advertised in the rest area and welcome centers’ guides. You will be surprised how many interesting and affordable places you can visit simply on the road trip getting to your destination. 

Depending on where you live depends on how much of this you and your family can do this summer. If anything you can have a fun staycation at a local hotel and feast at some new-to-you restaurants. But there is something therapeutic about really getting away during the summer. Plan and travel this summer. 

Enjoy your vacation! 

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