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4 Awesome Ways to Spoil Mom for Her Birthday in New York (Including Yourself)

The relationship between mother and daughter is a sacred one, so why not let the beauty of your relationship shine through in a birthday celebration that doesn’t just honor mom but also your special relationship?

This can be a tricky thing to plan, as mothers and daughters come from very different generations and therefore tend to have opposing views when it comes to various aspects of culture. This is why finding something neutral or an outlet that opens doors to multiple cultures is an ideal setting for two very different people who are also very similar.  Here are four ideas to help celebrate mom’s birthday, while also nurturing your special bond.

1. Visit a Skincare Spa in Manhattan

Why not pamper yourself and mom by visiting one of the best Manhattan skincare spas that offer multiple treatments? Relax in a tranquil setting while trained specialists assess your skin, learn your beauty goals, and assign customized treatments for you and mom based on your specific needs. While mom gets those crows feet and facial lines treated, you can get a facial or body contouring services. Skincare spas are ideal mother/daughter hang out spots because you can bond and connect in a luxurious setting while getting treatments to let your outer beauty reflect the inner beauty.

2. Weekend Brunch at The Four Seasons 

Brunch at The Four Seasons: a classic New York spot where mothers and daughters have dined in style for decades. Book a table at The Garden restaurant overlooking the massive Grand Lobby within a dramatic forest-like setting. You can sit near one of the Acacia trees while enjoying eggs benedict and a mimosa. The Garden offers menus that feature local ingredients prepared by the top chefs in the country. Let mom know you love her with a special birthday brunch she will never forget. 

3. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

You and mom don’t have to love the same kind of art or even know much about art to have a great day of bonding at the MET. Whether she loves ancient Egyptian art and you love surrealism, you and mom can walk the halls and reflect on various art works that inspire sharing personal memories. Art is a great way to open the mind and facilitate deeper expression. If you are looking for a way in which you can have better and deeper communication with mom, strolling the MET and taking in the various types of art could foster unexpected conversations that make the day special and memorable.

4. Go to a Yankees Game

Why does baseball have to be reserved for fathers and sons? Take mom out to Yankee Stadium; get some great seats on the field level and enjoy watching the action up close while enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. Concerned about food? Gone are the days of ballparks being limited to hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. Yankee Stadium has a wide range of premium food including Melissa’s Produce offers healthy, vegetarian and gluten-free options while Bareburger offers gourmet burgers like their SoCal Turkey Burger or the Guadalupe Black Bean Burger. Whether you keep your eye on the ball, or sit back and enjoy the day chatting with mom in a place full of energy and excitement, a birthday at Yankee Stadium can be a memorable one.

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