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4 of the best flowers for your mother’s day bouquet

Mother’s day is a perfect chance to show your mum how much you appreciate all that she does for you; whilst you can spoil your mum every day, on the 10th May, it is a chance for mums all over the country to be recognised, so why not show your mum just how much you care!  Flowers are the ideal Mother’s day gift; bright and colourful they will put a smile on her face.  Even better, is having them delivered by as it adds an element of surprise; she won’t be expecting that the knock on the door is a gorgeous bouquet of her favourite flowers.  It cane hard to decide which flowers to choose but if you choose one of the following four types of flowers you can’t go wrong. 


Roses are a great choice of flower; they have been a popular flower for decades and come in a range of beautiful colours.  Their delicate, soft scent will enhance any room that they are put in.  The great thing about roses is that they look great as an individual rose, a classic dozen or as part of a larger bouquet of flowers.  Whether your mum likes the bright bold red and yellow colours, or the soft pastel pink you can find it in this beautiful flower; when all the different bright colours are combined together in a posy they make an eye catching arrangement too.  When roses arrive they are only just opening out but as the days go on, these fantastic blooms will show off their amazing petal formation for many days to come.


Tulips are a terrific choice for Mother’s day.  The tulip is a symbol of spring, and although that is not the season connected with Mother’s day, they are associated to new life and new beginnings.  Their bold, vibrant colours will brighten any room and will certainly make your mum smile on her special day.  The oranges, yellows and pinks look so attractive and with their bulbous shape, they are stunning as the petals slowly open out. The tulip is an excellent choice for any mother’s day bouquet.


Lilies have a striking flower and an amazing scent; they start off as very narrow tall looking flowers but as they open out their petals their true size is revealed.  Oriental lilies have become an increasingly popular choice in recent years and it is easy to see why; in a glass vase surrounded by their green leaves they make a great centrepiece at the table.  Mother’s day is the perfect time to buy your mum something as remarkable as this; they will definitely be noticed by all who enter the room.  Not only do they have a prominent look, they also have a strong floral scent that will permeate throughout the room. 


Orchids come in such a wide range of blooms and styles that they are a fantastic choice for mother’s day.  Their flower is an unusual shape, and their long lasting blooms are a great choice.  Not only do they look stunning as a plant, cut flower or single spray, they also have a gorgeous scent.  Whether you are looking for something that is purple, white or pink, you will find a beautiful orchid to send to your mum. Fresh flowers provide flowers for Mothers day  which include The Singapore orchid, an elegant choice that will definitely impress; with its unique long stems full of delicate flowers they will put a smile on your mum’s face on the 10th May. 

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