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4 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Daughter to Join a Sorority

When parents send their daughters off to college, they have several concerns. Along with wondering how they will do in the classroom, moms and dads also worry if they'll have difficulties making new friends on campus. However, while these concerns are genuine, joining a sorority is perhaps the best way for your daughter to accomplish a number of goals while putting your mind at ease along the way. Since we as parents want to see our kids have a college experience that's safe, fun, inspirational, and academically successful, encouraging your kids to join a sorority can give you peace of mind and benefit them for years to come.                                  

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Even though sororities are usually falsely represented in movies as groups that are simply interested in having drunken parties and chasing after every good-looking guy on campus, they are anything but that. Instead, sororities are steadfast organizations grounded in philanthropy, always giving back to the community in numerous ways. Along with this, sororities have strict academic and personal requirements, meaning members will need to maintain good grades and conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. If you need more reasons why you should encourage your daughter to join a sorority, here are four that should put your mind at ease.

1-Sorority Members Get Good Grades

When it comes to the best sororities on campus, the good news is that academic standards are strongly enforced. With extra help available for tutoring and numerous study groups available for sisters who may be having trouble with a Calculus or English class, sororities offer plenty of ways to help sisters be successful in the classroom. According to a recent Gallup poll, more than 43 percent of sorority members are considered to be extremely enthusiastic about their academics and are intellectually and emotionally invested in achieving high academic goals. So while there may be one or two tough classes along the way, sitting around in a study group wearing custom sorority apparel or being tutored by a fellow sister who's wearing custom sorority clothing can, in fact, be a fun experience.

2-Sorority Members Make New Friends

Since sororities have a variety of social involvement on and off campus, it's only natural that sorority members wearing custom sorority tshirts are naturally able to make many new friends everywhere they go. With one door after another opened to meet new people and engage in conversations, sorority sisters can find themselves meeting people from all walks of life. Whether it's conversing with a CEO from a local company, a teacher at a local school, or a nurse at a nearby hospital, sororities provide opportunities for members to meet new people every day.

3-Sorority Members Statistically Do Better in Careers after College

After being a member of a sorority for four years during college, sisters build special relationships that last throughout their lives, and can, in fact, be quite beneficial when it comes to their careers. In fact, sorority members are always willing to network after college for various business purposes, to help with fundraising efforts for a business, refer clients to a fellow sister's business, or any number of other endeavors. In fact, many sorority sisters are more than willing to network for career advancement, helping a fellow sister gain a new job or promotion. Along with this, sisters who are in sales positions such as real estate or insurance find they can get many new clients by networking with their former college friends or can raise money for new business endeavors or charitable causes their company may be supporting.

4-Sorority Members Learn Adult Responsibilities Quicker

While sorority sisters spend plenty of time having fun with one another while wearing custom sorority apparel, they also learn adult responsibilities far quicker than those students who aren't part of these important campus groups. Whether it's wearing custom sorority tshirts while doing budget preparation for an upcoming charitable cause or conducting event planning for a sorority social event while wearing custom sorority clothing, these and other tasks are considered great ways to build life skills that are great preparation for a life outside of college. Because sororities are often focused on numerous philanthropic causes, sorority members can learn about many serious issues facing people from all walks of life, helping them see the world in a whole new light.

Even though a young adult's college years should be filled with plenty of fun and games along the way, having your daughter join a sorority can provide that along with numerous ways to grow up a bit during those four years. So while you may still feel as if you are sending a young child to college on her first day of class, chances are by spending four years in a sorority, you'll soon realize your daughter has grown up to be a wonderful young woman.

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