It is unsurprising that you would want to start blogging from home as a way to make money while your baby is still too young to be left alone. If this is your passion, you probably read lots of mom blogs every day and connect with a number of bloggers on social media while your little one goes to sleep. Seeing others sharing great ideas online makes you want to start something of your own. Want to join this internet-based community? You must be looking for recommendations on the best services, resources, and tools to run and keep your blog as competitive as possible. For this matter, we have gathered a list of the most important resources you need.

  • Works of great writers

To create better articles for your blog, you must emulate great writers from your niche and other industries. This is one advice you cannot ignore. Keep it in your mind and actualize it. Suppose you want target job seekers in your blog. How about using the best free resume review services and learning how they operate. Examine the features of their website and how they manage to stay on top. Don’t forget to read journals and books which are related to your perfect content. By finding inspirations from successful writers, you will train your mind to think outside the box and get out of the comfort zone. This is how you get more ideas and consequently produce great blog posts. Make a habit of reading the best works of different authors instead of waiting for their advice. Always keep in mind that words are so powerful that they tell the kind of person you are as well as your passion. If you want to know what renowned writers believe in or what inspires them, read their books, articles, blogs, and journals.

You don’t need special qualifications to be a better blogger. Often, all you need is time. If you invest your time in reading, you’ll assuredly write more persuasive and confident articles that will have your mom blog shining. Don’t just read. Read diversely, watch informative talk shows, and study infographics by effective bloggers. Be very keen on their style and mechanics and develop your own style. All these resources will make you a better writer over time.

  • Blog monetization

Blogging generates income in many ways. However, a few services and networks have proven successful especially for new mom bloggers. They include:

  • Marketing for Amazon: Being an associate of the largest online store can give you a significant amount of money mainly by recommending products.
  • Google Ad network: AdSense is a wonderful monetization strategy for mom bloggers.
  • Social media management tools

You need effective tools to manage your social media interactions. Here are good examples of such tools:

  • Edgar: This tool will transform how you approach your social media connections. It not only allows you to incorporate your blog posts into your tweets but also updates your social media automatically.
  • Sprout Social: It will manage most of your interactions on Facebook and Twitter.
  • CoSchedule: If your blog is based on Wordpress, CoSchedule can manage your blog post publications, social media messaging, and editorial calendar.

  • Optimized content

If you want readers to find you quickly, your content should be optimized for search engines. One of the best ways to create optimized content is the use of keywords. If you aren’t sure of what keywords to incorporate into your blog post, you can try the Google Keyword Planner. Even a seasoned blogger needs SEO tips once in a while so make sure you’ve grasped the concept before publishing your article. Note that the more you create content, the more your blog accumulates search engine traffic. However, well-written content with backlinks is fundamental to ranking high on search engines.

Do you know what’s so awesome about blogging from home? Even if your child catches a cold, or fever, you can still take care of them without worrying about hiring a nanny or going back to work. You just stay at home, write about what you like, and watch over your loved ones. Is this what you want? Then, you must be willing to put in the necessary effort that will grow your blog. In case you aren’t sure of how to go about it, seek advice from pro bloggers who began just like you and increased their online presence tremendously. The aforementioned resources and tools can take you beyond your imagination.

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