When you’re a mom, the word “busy” just comes with the territory. Between keeping the family organized and functioning, running errands and working, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by it all. In a world where moms painstakingly (and lovingly) put all their energy into other people, it’s easy to get to the end of the day with nothing left in your tank for yourself. To keep ourselves healthy and stress-free every mom needs a good self-care set up in their life. Read on for our suggestions of just what you need to take care of you.

A movement routine that works for you

How many articles like this have you read that tell you in order to be “healthy” you have to work out once a day? Too many, is our guess. This is not that advice. For new moms, moms with multiple kids, or moms who work or run their own businesses, a daily gym workout might not fit into your schedule. In fact, it could stress you out more if you don’t have the time. Instead of packing your schedule even more, you need to find a way to move your body that works for you. So make it fun! Exchange fitness gifts with your friends and challenge each other to use them. Alternatively, go the low-impact route. This could include yoga, swimming, or just adding stretching into your weekly routines. Using an app or investing in a fitness stroller can help you incorporate movement into your life in a low-stress way, which will help your mind and your body.

A bedroom oasis

After a long, stressful day, nothing is more important than some good quality sleep. To help set yourself up for success at night, turn your room into a place that you actually want to be at the end of the day. Luckily, you can get started transforming the bedroom into a peaceful mom oasis with a few simple additions. Refreshing your sheets and pillows regularly, or adding a diffuser with a calming scent can make a huge difference in your nighttime routine. As a new mom, you might be wondering, “Are diffusers safe?”. As long as you follow the right precautions, you can still enjoy them

If you have a green thumb, add a plant or two to give your room a more vibrant feel. With just a couple of small changes, your room will be a more inviting place to unwind, allowing you to rest and recharge for the next day. 

A treat-yourself budget

Budgeting doesn’t only have to mean restricting your spending. If you’re a busy mom, make a point of prioritizing yourself by setting aside some money each month to treat yourself. We’re talking about things that you want, not just things that you need! Feeling a little drab? Buy yourself a new outfit or get a mommy massage. The next time you wonder “How much are veneers?” make a plan to go out and get some! A budget will help you feel like you can live a little without worrying about breaking the bank. Money can’t buy happiness, but a little treat every once in a while can do wonders for your mental health. 

A great babysitter (or two)

Finding a balance between family and self can be the toughest part of being a mom. Because of this, finding a trustworthy babysitter should be considered an essential part of your self-care. A quality sitter will care for your kids, keeping them entertained and safe. In turn they can free you up to spend time with friends, focus on your romantic life, or just get some alone time, making you a happier, calmer mom afterward. 

But how do you find a trustworthy babysitter? Many websites allow you the option to background check sitters right on the site, meaning that you can have more peace of mind during the hiring process than ever before. 

It’s no shame to need a break every once in a while as a mom. It’s a full time job! By taking your self-care to the next level, you can help yourself be the best mom that you can possibly be. 

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