4 Things to Do Now to Prepare Your Home For Summer Amidst COVID 19

With the summer season being around, a lot of people are worried about spending time at home amidst the coronavirus. This disease, which has encapsulated the lives of more than 6 million people across the globe, has affected the summer plans of many families. Whenever we talk about summer, planning a vacation is what occurs as the first thought in our minds. However, now as all of us are under home arrest, we need to figure out a common ground to make peace with everyone around.

Because you won't have the opportunity to go out and enjoy pool time with friends, now is the right time to look for creative ways to engage yourself. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through some creative ideas to prepare your house for summer during this pandemic. Continue reading till the end;

1. Build a Home Swimming Pool

If you don’t have a swimming pool in the house, you can easily build a new one in it. All you need to do is, have a perspective on the open space and get everything that is needed. Although most states across the world are observing a complete lockdown, there is still access to supermarkets and a few malls from where you can get the stuff that is needed. The easiest way to build a swimming pool at home is to settle for a simple design. This way, you won't have to worry about collecting DIY items from the market. You can bring an air-filled swimming pool for your backyard and cover it with cardboard boxes from all sides.

2. Check Your Air Conditioner

Although this year has turned out to be good in terms of the season, still there are days when the scorching heat of the sun will take a big toll on your health. Because it is not safe to invite someone else tune-up your AC, it is best to seek help from YouTube tutorial. Furthermore, if your old air conditioner is out of order or has expired, read a portable AC buying guide to know about the best piece that can suffice for your needs. However, if your current air conditioner is in good condition, all you need to do is, clean its filters and check the thermostat level.

3. Create an Emergency Kit For a Storm

Regardless of where you live, there will always be a chance of some severe weather conditions. Prepare an emergency kit in the house to cater to a dangerous situation. Contrary to what most people say, carving a storm kit isn't necessary at all. All you need to do is choose the easiest spot in your houses, from where you can easily fetch items in case of a serious storm. Collect a first aid kit, water bottles, canned food, a flashlight, batteries, and handheld radio. Luckily, people don’t have to use much out of these items.  However, still having everything in the house is nothing less than peace of mind.

4. Check For Bugs

If you have night bugs in your house, they will have a negative impact on your routine and sleeping patterns. Some bugs are so small, it is tough to spot them in the house. Secondly, when you continue to scratch your body and wake up to fresh wounds in the morning, a lot of germs can enter your body and expose you to several deadly diseases. With coronavirus being omnipresent, it is not wise enough to stay out there and seek medical treatments in public hospitals. So it is best if you check your house for bugs and get them out of the property as soon as possible.

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