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4 Tips for Going Out With Babies and Toddlers

How has your life changed after having a baby? Any parent can come up with a huge list of pros and cons of their new status. While moms and dads learn how to deal with their kids at home, going out with them is a completely different story.

Your little honey can be an angel at home, but once he or she goes out the door, the good behavior disappears in a moment. Being armed with all the necessary tools and tips helps you enjoy going out with your baby instead of fuming and blushing every step of the way.

1. Follow Your Baby’s Schedule

No matter how much we want our babies to adapt to our wishes and schedules, it rarely happens. The baby has their own instincts and needs, which dictate its behavior. You can try hard to change this biological schedule, but most likely you’ll both suffer as the result.

To make things easier, learn your child’s schedule. Find out at which time of the day they are the happiest and when they become fussy. Each child has their own behavioral patterns. Know what irritates your kid and what makes them happy.

Time your outings according to the baby’s schedule as much as possible. This way you’ll both enjoy the process.

As your child gets older, you can negotiate the behavior and adjust the schedule. However, while he or she is still a baby, consider yielding.

2. Learn Your Options

Diapers have been saving our time and nerves for decades. However, they are not the only tools you can use to simplify your time with your baby. Reclining car seats, chewable toys, fully-equipped strollers, and much more are available to turn your next day out into a piece of cake.

One of the most useful tools which many parents overlook is a baby carrier. Designed for kids from infancy to 36 months, these pieces of cloth can make a huge difference in your life. They allow you to carry the baby and have your hands free at the same time.

Baby carriers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s up to you to choose the right one for your baby’s needs. Read Moby Wrap, Tula Ring Sling, and Ergobaby Original review to get an idea about the variety.

3. Count To Ten

When your tiny angel turns into an active toddler, your life changes once again. Now you always have to be ready to catch the little rascal before they get into some kind of trouble. Such running around can turn a family outing into a frustrating process, which you’ll want to complete as soon as possible.

Such an active lifestyle is hard to avoid, so you have to deal with it. Every time you feel like the smoke is about to come out of your ears, count to ten. If you do it aloud, you can get an additional bonus of your toddler learning how to count. Counting can help you calm down and get your bearings.

4. Become Flexible

You need to be ready for the kids to change your plans at any time. That’s why your schedule must be flexible. The majority of new parents’ frustration comes from ruined plans and expectations.

The only way out is not to expect and not to plan for something specific. Whenever you are thinking of going on a trip or to a birthday party, you have to be ready for cancellations and adjustments.

As soon as you stop putting too much hope in doing something as planned, your life with the baby will become much easier.

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