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Okay mommy bloggers, it’s time to be real. Hitting those fitness goals can be a serious challenge. Between taking the kids to soccer practice, prepping lunches for you and the hubby all week, and the stress of your demanding career, cramming even a quick early morning jog in your routine can seem nearly impossible. This year, we’re changing that. As you step into the 2020’s, get off on the right foot by putting fitness first

Trust us. Having that self-care fitness time can mean all the difference in the world, and seriously cuts back on the burnout you might sometimes feel at the end of a long and exhausting day. Let’s get started with these four simple ways that you can boost your personal fitness in 2020!

Get serious about yoga

Sure, your BFF has dragged you to a few gentle yoga flows to help calm your nerves after those stressful budget meetings at work. And naturally, you’ve tried out a few yoga sessions on YouTube on the weekends while the kids are sleeping in. But the thing is, unless you’re serious about it, some of the greatest benefits of yoga may be left untapped. It takes long hours of concentration and practice to train your mind to be as clear and focused as yoga can make it. Plus, many of the health benefits, as with anything, only come when you have a dedicated daily practice. 

In 2020, it’s time to set aside a space and time each day to practice. You don’t even have to spend tons of money on a monthly subscription. Yoga can be done right in your home! Get yourself a nice yoga mat, some comfy leggings, and find the perfect playlist of meditative music – then allow yourself to fall into a healing and restorative yoga practice!

Jog, jog, jog – then jog some more!

As the ancient wisdom states, running is the truest freedom the soul can harness. Or something like that. Anyway, going on regular short jogs is great for your health! It doesn’t just get your blood pumping – it clears your mind, stabilizes your internal rhythm, builds muscle, and can even tone your abs!

It’s all about setting your intentions. Every morning, instead of smashing that snooze button in a fit of rage, try to forgive your body for its tiredness. Then, once you’ve let go of the anger, get up and run it out! Getting started running can seem like an uphill battle, but it luckily doesn’t take much: a light pair of shorts, an old T-shirt, and a trusty pair of running shoes!

HIIT the gym

Ah, the gym: home to frat-star body builders and fitness queens. As a mom, it can be an intimidating place. You know what—who cares? Being a mom is a bigger challenge than deadlifting 500lbs any day. Don’t let your lack of experience stop you from strutting right into the gym in your favorite women’s training shoes and getting your New Year’s resolution on track.

The gym is also the place to try out the new decade’s hot new fitness craze: HIIT workouts. What are those? High Interval Intensity Training. Basically, instead of spending hours grinding and grinding, science has shown that putting in some serious work in short bursts can have the same fat-burning muscle-toning effects. Now that’s something moms can rave about. 

Bike to work

Your Mom-mobile is your trusty steed. You need that luxury crossover to get your kids to school and get yourself to the office on time. But hey, what if Dad dropped the kids off, and instead of polluting the planet and spending time sitting in your car before sitting at your desk all day at work, you tried biking instead?

Biking comes loaded with tons of health benefits, very similar to running! In fact, cyclists might even live longer lifespans on average, which may be part of why Europeans live longer, healthier lives: they bike! This is one of the easiest ways to kill two birds with one stone (or, as we prefer to say, feed two birds with one scone). You get your exercise time in while still getting your morning commute done on time. Pick out your favorite commuter bike and get ready to enjoy your mornings.

This year, let’s finally smash those fitness goals! With just a little bit of careful planning, and picking the ideal workout routine, you’ll get your decade started fit and strong.

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