Traveling together is something that many families aspire to do. However, seeing various destinations around the world as a family unit can often be an expensive pastime. If you are just about getting by on your current income, then you might be wondering how you are ever going to be able to save enough money to travel. Thankfully, you are probably spending more money than you actually need to – most of us are! We’ve put together some top tips to help you cut your family expenditure and save money for travel adventures together.

Save Money on Fun and Entertainment

Having some fun on your own, for example dining out, going to a casino or club, or even placing a bet on your favorite sports team before watching the game with friends can be a fun way to spend some time as a parent, but it will cost money. That's why online coupons are so useful. Similarly, the family activities that you do together at home could also be cut down to save money, for example, getting a family Netflix subscription to save money on the cinema, or limiting yourself to place an accumulator each weekend rather than separate bets for each match you watch. Simply cutting back can help you save some extra pennies and pounds to put in your holiday fund.

Stash Spare Change

When it comes to spare change, you will be surprised at just how much you can save by stashing all the coins from the bottom of your purse into a piggy bank or cash tin. Along with this, you could even consider opening an e-saver account and simply transferring any change from your bank account into it each day, rounding the balance up to the nearest pound and watching your savings slowly but steadily grow.

Book Early

Although it’s certainly true that you can get some great last minute deals on holidays both at home and abroad, it’s not always worth chancing it and simply hoping for the best when it comes to booking a trip for your family. Booking in advance can actually save you a great deal of money, and there are various websites online that allow you to monitor flight and accommodation prices to work out when is the best time to book. Along with this, booking earlier will also give you more time to arrange your own flights and accommodation separately, which can sometimes work out cheaper than a package deal.

Sell Your Stuff

When you’re raising a family, it often can seem like you are spending never-ending amounts of money in order to keep yourself and your little ones clothed, fed and entertained. However, children quickly grow out of things such as clothes, toys and games, and you’re left with clutter around the home. Having a regular clear out of items such as clothing, gadgets, kids’ accessories, hiking gear, school books, and toys to sell online on eBay, or at a car boot sale, can be a great way to get some extra funding for family travel.

How do you save enough to fund your family adventures? Let us know in the comments. 

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