5 Apps That Put Cash Back In Your Pocket

Have you ever watched one of those “Extreme” coupon shows and wished you could get your groceries for free as well?

If you're anything like me, you've spent a few Sundays, clipping coupons and trying to match them against your list.  Problem is, I get to Kroger and realize my coupons are still on the kitchen counter at home! Or, I bring the coupons, but end up blocking the cereal aisle for 30 minutes trying to find that $1 off coupon for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, only to find it and learn that it expired 2 days before!


Even if you aren’t as disorganized as I am, you have to agree that coupon-clipping is very time consuming and requires organizational skills to be effective.

Luckily, there are actually apps available now that can help you save on groceries without having to clip coupons! Instead, they will pay you cash back after you shop.  The best part, many of these rebates are for things you are already buying anyway...and they are all free to join!!  Some will even pay YOU to join!




Ibotta – This rebate app is one of my favorites.  I have been using it for over a year and have cashed out my earnings without any issues.  Ibotta offers rebates for a variety of items and stores, including Kohl’s and Macy’s, but my favorite rebates are for things I buy at the grocery store.  All of your favorite brands are here, including Hefty, Glade, and Pampers.  For my friends that indulge in adult beverages, they have a wide variety of rebates for beer, wine, and liquor, including Bud Light, Heineken, and Captain Morgan’s, just to name a few.  Ibotta is definitely one of the most popular rebate apps and if you sign up now, you will get $10 just for redeeming your first rebate!  You can sign up for Ibotta using this awesome offer by clicking here.


MobiSave – This app is fairly new but is already one of my favorites.  They offer a lot of offers that don’t require you to buy a certain brand to get a rebate, so if you buy generic or store brand items, you can still take advantage of these rebates.  MobiSave also has no set minimum for cashing out and processes payments within 24 hours.  I believe MoviSave has a lot of potential to give other rebate apps some serious competition.  You can sign up for MobiSave by clicking here.


Checkout 51 -  This is another site that I have been using for over a year.  They have rebates that are unique compared to other sites, letting you submit multiple receipts to reach a higher rebate payout.  For families with babies, they currently have cash back for Pampers, Huggies, and Good Nites.  Every dollar counts when raising a family! They also have a “choose your offer” each week so that you can definitely claim at least one rebate.  My choices this week were potatoes, onions, avacados, limes, or lettuce.  I chose lettuce, in case anyone was wondering! Checkout 51 will even give you $5 if you sign up by June 15th!  Claim your free money and join Checkout 51 by clicking here.


SavingStar- I like this app, but it doesn’t seem to have many offers available, compared to the others.  They do offer bigger payouts though, and for families with babies, this is a great opportunity to save money on baby items.  For instance, they currently have a rebate available of $4 cash back when you spend $15 on Beechnut baby food.  You’re going to buy the baby food anyway, why not put some cash back in your pocket?  You can sign up for SavingStar by clicking here.


Shrink – This app is great for people that buy grocery items for a special diet, like vegan or glucose-free.  Another cool feature is that they have rebates for new companies offering healthy food.  One tip, when you first sign up it doesn’t take you straight to the rebates.  Here is where you can check out information on the new products available.  To get to rebates, just use the menu at the bottom of the screen.  To sign up for Shrink and earn $1 bonus, click here.


So those are the apps that I use and can assure you will not add a virus to your phone or spam you to death by email.  It’s free money, with very little effort other than taking a picture of your receipt and choosing the rebates that are relevant to your household.  Get these apps now and start putting cash back into your pocket! 


What are your favorite rebate apps?  I’d love to hear your opinions on them.  Visit my website, The Curvy Ginger, by clicking here, if you’d like more tips for saving money or creative ways to earn extra cash!


Thanks for reading and, as always, please Spread the Love!


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